10 Best Workout Shoes for Men


Having the right workout partner is key to a healthy lifestyle. The right partner is the perfect shoes. There are plenty of workout shoes in the market at the moment. Workout shoes are usually designed with various features so as to give one an easy time during their exercises. For men, these are the top ones on the chart that will keep you working out while feeling great.

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1. Reebok Men’s Ros Workout Tr 2.0 Cross-trainer Shoe.

The shoes have an open mesh which allows for lightweight breathability and textile overlays which offer resistance against abrasions. The midsole are injection molded to offer more cushioning and stability to trainers. The shoes have a die cut sock liner which gives one more comfort during a heavy workout.The Reebok men’s shoe is one of the shoes for anyone who loves a good workout. They come with a rubber sole, are synthetic and textile and have a multi-surface rubber-sole. These shoes have a natural fit to them due to the fact that the sole is thinner. They have an anatomical shape which makes the feet feel good and more secure. Also, the anatomical fit lets one move freely and flex for a better balance. The cushioning under the foot area is designed in a way so as to give one control over their movements during intense training. The toe area is molded in a way so that it offers additional support and protection. It is also wide, hence can be comfortably worn by anyone with high arches and wide feet.

The shoes are very comfortable and they allow one to walk in them all day. The shoes are however, not cross fit, but are designed so as to support workouts which may be similar to cross fit.  For runner, these shoes may seem too heavy as they are 9 ounces in weight.

They come in a variety of colors such as white, grey, black and pewter. These shoes are most recommended for cross fitness, gymnastics, rope climbing and weight lifting.

Overall, the Reebok shoes are great looking with a refined touch and a amazing grip both indoors and outdoors.

2. Nike Men’s Air Max Dynasty Running Shoe.

These shoes are great considering the upper fabrics are smooth and do not cause irritation to the skin. The cushioning under the feet is also great since it gives one a springy feeling and a great performance.When you want to get your workout to a whole new level, the Nike men’s air max dynasty running shoes are definitely your best partner. The ultra cushioning gives this shoe a spacious fit and they are not sloppy at all. Given the right snugness in the mid foot and heel, one will feel stable and secure when running. The shoe fit also allows for comfort for people with wide feet. The outsole of the airmax dynasty shoes is created in a way so as to enable distribution of eight evenly and it also oids with traction. The rubber that is used in the outer sole is very durable. The mid sole is created with shock absorbing features and is greatly cushioned. This gives an extra plush feeling of the shoes. The upper part of the shoes is meshed for easy breathability and gives a more adjustable fit.  The shoes’ cable and laces are attached to the sole hence holding the foot very well.

They come in black, white, anthracite and cool grey color.

The Nike men’s air max dynasty running shoes have a light upper material hence are most suitable for running. As for having a good arch and ample support, one can count on these shoes since they are synthetic. The shoes are very comfortable and are specifically recommended for running.

Question: are the tongue of this shoe sewn into the shoe?

Answer: no, they are not sewn. They are attached at the bottom of the shoes.

3. Erke Men’s Classic Air Running Shoe

The Erke men’s classic air running shoes are a good partner for any runner who seeks good lightweight cushioning with more comfort. They are designed in a way to give one a smooth transition and more flexible stride.

They have an upper sole that is synthetic and leather. It has good cushioning on the upper part with a soft mesh which allows for easy breathing. The mid foot has an asymmetrical design, is light weighted and offers a great foot support. The outer sole rubber offers longer durability for the shoe.

These shoes come in grey/orange, red/white and grey/blue colors and 6.5D (M) to 10 D (M) sizes. The shoes weigh 2.6 pounds.

These shoes are great for any sporting activity such as tennis, running, gymnastics and yoga. For lovers of bright shoes, these are definitely our shoes since they are colorfully designed.

4. ASICS Men’s GEL-Intensity 3 Cross-Training Shoe.

The upper part of the shoe is made using thick leather while the tongue, toe box and the outside collar are have the standard mesh.  The gel cushioning system, in the heel part of the shoe, feels springy and squidgy hence offers better support. The gel cushioning system runs from the heel to the mid to the front part of the sole.The ASICS gel intensity are made using technology that gives one a great run which is enabled by a super support system and a great fit. Founded on the idea of offering a happy lifestyle though health and fitness, the ASICS offers a great line of performance which is aimed at bringing harmony to the soul and body.

This shoe has a trusstic support system in the middle section which is made out of ASICS plastic stabilizer and it stretches from the middle sole to the fore foot. This creative addition is meant to absorb energy when one is making strides while propelling them forward. The shoes have an overlay protection which offers further protection to the shoes years later on.

The ASICS men gel intensity shoe is stunning since it does not retain sweat. It has material which dries very easily and the upper material of the shoes is water proof.

The product has a dimension of 11 by 4 by 7 inches, a weight of 3 pounds and come in black, white and smoke or in red, titanium, onyx colors. The sizes range from 8D (M) to 15D(M).

The intensity 3 shoes are extremely tough and durable hence look good after multiple washes. The collars of the shoes have a nice cushioning which is very comfortable. The inside sole of the shoes is easily removable and can be replaced when necessary. This makes the shoes ideal for long work outs, walking, weightlifting and running.

The gel intensity shoes are one of the best all rounded shoes that can be used for any activity.

5. Feiyue Classic High Top SL Canvas shoes.

It has a cotton lining on the insole. The shoe has a rubber sole which is thin, lightweight hence more flexible. The inner sole is padded and cushioned. The shoe has minimal ankle support and it comes with an appropriate design hence it can be used for various workouts. The shoe has a perfect fit with a wide foot area and a wide sole which offers extra cushioning against any impact that is generated.The Feiyue canvas shoes are made using the highest technology which has evolved over time. It is one of best Feiyue shoe brand on Amazon.

It is a very classy and stylish shoe that is comfortable to wear. They provide good traction against the ground. Wearing the shoe on concrete floors or pavements makes them wear out faster since the soles are made of soft material.

The shoes are available in black and white.

The shoe is a good wear for anyone who loves leisure and still enjoys a nice workout.

They are commonly used during hiking, running, boxing, martial arts and parkour.

6. Mxson Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes.

The shoe is available in gray yellow, royal blue and dark blue colors. The dimensions are 11.4 by 4.3 by 3.5 inches while the weight is 8.8 ounces.The Mxson sport water shoe is made using lightweight mesh and has a mid foot webbing system which incorporates a slip on for easy breathability and a good supportive fit. The sock liner offers dry comfort by creating drier, cooler and optimal healthier shoes conditions. The outsole is soft cushioned and articulated with flex grooves to give more comfort. It is designed with an open mesh on the upper part and has holes on the sole for fast drying and aeration. The sole is made out of rubber. The mid sole is lightweight and has excellent bounce back capacity. The water grip sole provides sufficient traction in wet and slippery environments.

The quality of the shoe is decent and the shoe looks great. It is a great wear for running, water aerobic and hiking.

7. Reebok Men’s Trainfusion Nine 2.0 L MT Running Shoe.

This shoe is available in black/red/pewter/white,The Reebok train fusion nine shoes are produced using leather. The sole of ths shoe is made out of rubber hence very flexible. It has an open mesh on the upper part which allows for good breathability by allowing enough air flow during workouts. The DMX cushioning under the foot area helps in absorbing shock. The midsole is molded using EVA and it has a low cut design. The outer sole is of high abrasion.

This shoe has a great design and is comfortable. The quality is rather good but not excellent. It is good for running, aerobics, walking, tennis and rope skipping.

8. New Balance Unisex-adult UX200V1 Training Shoe.

The shoe has sufficient traction with a durable outsole. The sole feels anatomical which is excellent for the shoe. The heel is very flexible and comfortable but not ideal for strenuous workouts.The new balance training shoes are made so as to help athletes work out better. The shoe is designed to fit, not to fit an image. The material of the shoe is synthetic with a small outsole to provide traction when needed, the upper part is tpu wrapped for more stability. The burrito tongue is permanently attached to on one side of the side. This minimizes distractions when one is working out.

The shoes are good for light workouts and slight walking.

It should be noted that the lacing of the shoe is symmetrical. The shoe is available in black and toxic colors.
Question: Is the shoes water proof?

Answer: no, it is not.

Question: what is the recommended fit of the shoe?

Answer: the shoe has a small fit, so one may need to get ½ sizes larger.

Question: are the shoes zero drop?

Answer: yes, considering the thin sole, these shoes are definitely a zero drop. There is little difference in height between the toes and the ball of the foot.

9. Reebok Men’s Trainfusion 5.0 L MT Training Shoe.

It is an excellent low profile training shoe with mesh underlay’s for air flow , sock liner, memory tech, for cushioning and extra comfort, and a fore front flex groove for stability, support and flexibility.The Reebok men’s transfusion 5.0 L MT training shoe is a great shoe for any workout. It is sturdy, lightweight, and synthetic, with a rubber sole.

The shoe is available in black/gravel/steel, coal/blue sport/white, alloy/motor red/white and flat gray/red/white colors.

The insole of the shoes has foam which makes one feel as if they are walking on air. The shoe is incredible.

The shoe can be worn when running, walking, cycling or doing yoga.

Question: is the shoe a small or large run?

Answer: the size of the shoe is exact.

10. Men’s Waterproof Water Shoes Aqua Socks Beach Pool Yoga Exercise Boating Surf Mesh Adjustable Toggle.

the sea sox water shoe is the perfect wear for any sporting activity . they are light weight, durable and comfortable. The shoes have a pull toggle at the heel to give a more perfect fit. The upper part of the shoe has a mesh like material which is easily breathable, dries easily and prevents the feet from getting dirty.

The shoe is available in navy/royal blue and black/gray colors.

The shoes are good for beach yoga, beach volley ball, boat surfing.

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