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The Best Scotch Ever Made Under $100

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Acquiring a good bottle of scotch can be quite difficult. This is because everyone has a particular preference. Some prefer a single malt scotch whisky; others may opt for peatiness while other may go for a well crafted blend scotch whiskey. Bottom line, we all love scotch regardless of the kind. The greatest joy of tasting a scotch drink is in the plenty of flavors to savor and the breath taking finish. Always drink your scotch whichever way you prefer it. It you love it dry or with a little water, the choice is all yours. While there are many fantastic scotch whiskeys in the market, these scotch brands, under $100, are some of the excellent ones that everyone should try and get themselves a bottle.


Ledaig scotch

The Ledaig whisky originates from Tobermory and is one of the best scotch drinks as it gives one a youthful taste and that of a well aged spirit as it has been in the market for the past ten years. It is an island single malt scotch whisky with a distillery bottling with 70cl and 46.3 % alcohol. Made it Scotland, the Ledaig 10 year old is not chill filtered. It comes in a medium sized bottle.

This scotch is superb and has an excellent taste. What is amazing is that it comes with many great flavors for one to savor. It has taste which is a mixture of pepper, mellow sweetness and burnt sugar, when opened it has the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, faint sherry, iodine, malty and peaty. Its finish consists of a complex fairly long finish with a smoky peat.

This scotch is wonderful when combined with camber and crackers. It gives one a mellow and smooth taste and it is one of the great scotch drinks over the years. It is a unique drink that’s well blended with salt, peat and brine which makes it easily drinkable with just anything.

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Bunnahabhain 8 Year Old – The MacPhail’s Collection (Gordon & MacPhail)

Bunnahabhain 8 year old scotch

The Bunnahabhain 8 year old scotch comes with a 70cl and a 43% alcohol volume. It is a smart looking drink that is packaged by the MacPhail collection. It is distilled by Bunnahabhain, bottled by Gordon and MacPhail and comes in a single malt whisky style.

It has a taste of chocolate, fresh pipe tobacco for the palate garnish, peaty and is not too strong. This drink is detailed with a smoky taste that is deliciously lovely with a medium finish.

It is a perfect drink for an early evening or during the Christmas.

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Laphroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt Scotch whisky.

Laphroaig scotch

The Laphroaig quarter cask single malt scotch comes with a burning ember of peat, a smell of both banana and coconut. In the palate, it has a deep and complex smoky yet sweetened taste. It has a long finish which dries with the right spice and smoke.

It comes in a product dimension of 41.8 by 15.2 by 14.4 cm and weighs 2kg when packaged. It has a volume of 700ml and is best stored under cool and dark conditions.

It originates from the United Kingdom and is produced in the highland regions. The scotch is best served at 100 grams for serving size. In the year 2015, the Laphroaig quarter cask single malt Scotch whisky received the silver medal for the outstanding international wines and spirits awards.

This scotch is inspired by the small casks of the 19th century which were transported in pack horse across the Glens. It is one of the excellent products of the Islay distillery.

It is a good bottle to gift to someone for their birthday, the Christmas party or new years party.

The Laphroaig scotch is distinctively made out of high quality but may come off as too strong for beginners and the iodine levels which are a bit high in other scotches have been toned down in this drink. If you are a fan of smokey flavors, this is definitely your scotch s it comes with a smoother flavor that is richer.

Overall, the higher strength of the smoke and peat is great and the non chill filtered gives this scotch a greater feel.

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Kilchoman Machir Bay Bottling Note.

Kilchoman Machir bay scotch whiskey

Kilchoman’s Machir Bay is a fabulous single malt Scotch whisky from the isle of Islay. While using matured whiskey in Oloroso sherry butts and ex-bourbon barrels, the end result is a well balanced richly flavored drink. It has a feel of light fruit, vanilla and warm peaty smoke. From Scotland’s Islay, this single malt whiskey is distilled and bottled by Kilchoman with a volume of 70cl and a 43.0% alcohol level.

Tasting facts of this whisky are a crumbly vanilla, citrus zests and an elegant peat smoke. In the palate, it has a feel of mixed tropical fruit and dried raisin. Its finish consists of sherry fruits and black pepper.

This is the best scotch of the year. It has pleasant light taste that has a delight of flavors that are continuous. The citrus in it makes it more delicious while the well balanced smoke with other flavors makes it an easy drink to finish. If you find that it has an antiseptic odor, add a little water to it and it will have a magnificent taste.

More lovable about this scotch is that it has medicinal attributes which makes it a great win over all other scotches.

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Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask.

balvenie scotch whiskey

This scotch contains a 70 cl volume with a 43 % alcohol. It has been matured for 14 years with the traditional oak cask before some flavors are added to it, in the Caribbean. This scotch is distilled and bottled by Balvenie. This has resulted in its rich taste of fruit and vanilla and it well roundedness. It comes with a very rich of tropical fruits such as passion fruits and creamy toffee.

In the plate, it has a nice touch of sweet vanilla with highlights of apples, mangoes and oranges. The finish is mainly long and that of vanilla. Generally, it is a good mouth coating and fruity drink.

It has a unique smooth flavor

It is an excellent bottle to gift someone with during their birthday, the Christmas festival and the New Year party.

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Ben Nevis

The Ben Nevis is an highland single malt scotch whisky with a waft of peat, fully bodied, tropical fruits , coffee and chocolate taste. Originating from the western highlands of Scotland, it has a 70cl volume with 46 % alcohol. It is a great dry drink, which is smooth and woody.

It is a great Scotch whisky for lovers of full flavors as it brings with it a mixture of sherry, coffee, chocolate and vanilla. This makes it a favorite drink for any beginner in the scotch world.

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Lagavulin 12 Year Old (2013 Special Release)

Lagavulin 12 year old

The Lagavulin 12 year old scotch consists of 70cl volume and 55.1 %alcohol. This is an amazing limited edition release from Diageo’s. It is vatted from American oak casks that are refilled before it is bottled naturally from the Kildalton coast. The tasting at the nose is filled with a mossy peat, soot and citrus, that of the palate is of a well balanced cocoa , barbecued vegetable kebabs, while that of the finish will give an oily smoke with cocoa flavor. It is an exceptional chocolate, smoky treat for any fan of scotch.

This scotch whiskey is a younger version of the Lagavulin 12 year old and is good for scotch beginners. It sweet and tastes pleasantly. For old drinkers, it may not be a good drink as one may find it over flavored and it does not hold water adequately.

For smoke lovers, however, this is one great bottle for you.

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highland park 12 year old

The Highland Park is one of the gold standard malts in the world. It has a sweet delicious taste of honey that s warm, silky and out of the world. It is of the island single malt scotch, with a 70cl volume and 40% alcohol and comes in a distillery bottling.

When opened, it has a lovely salted lemon, green apples, honey and tropical fruit chews smell. When tasted it feels like sweet syrup then the taste moves to a sour and creamy wood ending with a tropical chew with smoked orange taste like. The finish is of a smoky wood and woody spice.

In the distillery, the Highland Park is made in Arcadian peat and ex-sherry casks for great maturation. The Highland Park has a hearth honey sweetness, aroma, a well rounded smoky flavor with a full malt delivery, and a teasing, heathery delicious finish.

This scotch is the perfect embodiment of a gracious balance of sweetness and smokiness. It is one of the greatest scotch whiskies ever made.

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Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Bottling Note.

Quinta Ruban scotch whiskey

Quinta Ruban is Glenmorangie’s port finish.  This single malt is specially crafted by port pipes from Douro valley in Portuguese. . The quinta Ruban is expertly aged in ex-bourbon followed by a two year dip in port pipes.

Its tasting notes include a smell of winter berries, good oak and cereal; it is sweet, thick with barley sugar and a lot of juicy berries and fruits in the palate while the finish is long, fruity and quite delicious.

It is a beautiful scotch with an amazing color, a rich aroma and fantastic smell. When tasted with water, the aroma of tart fruit is bound to fill the air giving it a more intense taste and flavor.

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Caol Ila 12 Bottling Note

Caol Ila 12 year old

The Caol Ila is a 12 year bottle and it brings with it a light and fresh expression with a distinctive Caol Ila smoke. When it is opened it comes in a fresh herbal smell of peppermint, damp grass, cigar leaves, smoked ham and lemon peels. In the palate it feels oily, with tar and a highlight of boiled sweets. Its finish is long, spicy warm and smoky.

It is generally a very good scotch with a sweet taste. If you find the scotch too peaty, you should not be worried as the peaty becomes reduced over time.

This is a good bottle when celebrating an anniversary, a birthday party or at any event. It is a good drink for oldies and I would not recommend it for new scotch drink beginners.

Get yourself one bottle and taste its greatness.

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