10 Ways to Burn Calories without a Gym Membership


Since time immemorial, humans have at some point placed physical beauty, health and fitness as a priority, a fit achieved through constant physical exercise and eating healthy foods. Generations upon generations have believed that the only way to take care of the physical part of this transformation is by applying for a local gym membership that will grant them the chance to flex their muscles with the weights. Until recently, this was the common misconception but after continuous research from medics and health practitioners, burning calories is also achievable outside the gym and the various ways mentioned in this article are much easier to execute than you think.

  1. Getting enough sleep

Studies have shown that the more energy one has, more calories are burnt and if one gets enough sleep, the more energy they will have come the next day thus the correlation between sleep and calories. Getting enough sleep ensures that the body get well rested which in turn boosts our energy level. Irregular sleeping patterns are a sure bet to loss of energy which leads to the accumulation of excess calories.

  1. Martial arts

Martial arts is not only very classic way reduce your calories but also it’s very effective way to stay fit and your self-defense. There are lot of type of martial arts have like judo, jiu jitsu, karate, muay thai, aikido, krav maga etc. they all are little bit different with each other but all give you lot of health benefit like burn calories, stay healthy, strong muscles etc. so become a martial artist you just set your goal and trust me it’s not a hard work to learn martial art. Martial boss website where you learn more about martial art technique.

  1. Staying Hydrated.

The recommended glasses of water per day is usually 8. Depending on what the body requires as this differs across people. Either way, it is a nice technique to get rid of those excess calories through body flush. A nice way to ensure you stick to the routine is buying a small water bottle so that you will get up more often to fill it up, hence burning calories.

  1. The “NEAT” affair.

Most of the jobs in this century are mostly white collar jobs or to be more precise, millennials are opting to go for desk jobs rather than get employed in the labor intensive sectors of the economy. NEAT (short for Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis) refers to the energy consumed when doing the most of menial tasks such standing in a queue. Since most of the white collar jobs are done seated at a desk, the NEAT consumption level is low. Engaging in activities that require constant body movement increases the NEAT level thus burning more calories.

  1. Taking the stairs.

Skipping the elevators to take the stairs is also another trick you could apply in taking care of your body. Be it at work or home, taking those flight of stairs to the door or exit burns a minimum of 9 – 10 calories per day.

  1. Apps on your phone.

Advancements in technology as seen through smartphones has made it easier for all wannabe fitness die-hard to burn those extra calories just by the touch of a button. You can get apps on your phone that allow you to monitor you calories intake, suggest exercises that can be performed without equipment and even set reminders on steps you’ve decided to take to get fit.

  1. Breathing Exercises.

Yogi practitioners and gurus who practice Pranayama (deep breathing meditation) have attributed their fitness to breathing exercises associated with the technique. Requirements for this are only Mala beads and a competent mentor to guide you.

  1. Kinect Gaming.

Burning calories can now be a fun exercise with Kinetic gaming stylized as Kinect. Although this option requires you to dish out some cash to acquire the gaming consoles i.e. PlayStation or Xbox, it is a worthwhile investment in the long run.  Dance Grease 3, Shape Up, Dance Central spotlight excreta are a few examples of Kinect games that will make you move the entire game leaving you sweaty and a few calories less.

  1. Embracing the cold temperature.

Be it jogging early in the morning, taking a cold bath or cranking up the AC, cold temperatures keep the body on its toes by maintain the normal body temperature: an objective achieved by burning energy reserves/calories. It will also keep your heart rate up throughout your day.

  1. Being Positive and Happy.

Studies have shown that laughter contributes to about 18% of the calories that we burn as compared to when we are not laughing. Being positive about life and laughing at any chance is a sure to get those calories down to your target number.

  1. A balanced Diet.

Common misconceptions associated with burning calories is that missing on breakfast, lunch or dinner helps, which is not true. Food is vital to our survival and having all the basic three meals is key. Monitoring your calories intake is the best way to go and there are plenty of sources and charts you can follow if you choose food as the best way to watch your calories.

If you want to burn calories without a gym, all you require is dedication, self-discipline and most of all patience. Maximum effort results to maximum returns so you should not give up hope yet you are ten techniques away to getting that body you’ve always wanted.

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