7 Benefits of Having a Breast Pump


Nowadays in a busy world where most moms are working breast pump is no longer an optional item but an essential motherhood gadget. This article highlights the importance of using breast pump starting from establishing milk supply to maintaining milk production up to the introduction of baby’s first solid food. After reading this article and you still don’t have a breast pump then now is the best time to buy one.

1. Establishing you milk supply

The capability of a new born baby to do breast suction may not be strong enough to help increase milk production. Hand pumping on the other hand may need some practice for it to enhance milk supply. So the best beat for establishing milk supply is through the use of breast pump. Breast pump can mimic baby suction and suction level can also be set and increase. Establishing milk supply can only happen if the breast is expose to frequent suction which can be provided effectively using breast pump

2. Maintaining milk production

The level of milk production depends heavily on the demand for milk so pumping more often and regularly is the key for maintaining breast milk production. Pumping regularly is feasible using breast pump. Breast pump afford you the express milk anytime, anywhere so pumping more often is not a problem.

3. Removing milk to prevent breast engorgement

There may be times that milk production is too much for your baby to consume. In such instances breast pump becomes very handy to release some milk which offer you some relief. You can also store and refrigerate milk.

4. Store milk for later use

Breast pump is a friend for working moms. Since they can express milk to store in advance and later serve the stored-refrigerated milk moms are less worry returning for work or do something else. Properly stored breast milk can be preserve for few days.

5. Rest while others feed your baby

Motherhood can be exhausting, and more if they are also working. Using breast pump can give working moms some sort of relief knowing someone can offer some assistance feed milk to their baby while they take the rest their body needs.

6. Back to work

Maternity leave offers opportunity for working moms to breastfeed their baby exclusively. However when maternity leave ends and moms needed to return for work the use of breast pump becomes essential. They can pump milk in advance before they leave for work.

7. Mix milk with baby’s first solid food

When starting giving solid food to your baby, it is best to mix solid food with some breast milk so that your baby will experience familiar taste while getting used to new textures.

With all of the above being said it is now the best time to buy a breast pump if you still don’t have one.

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