7 Tips for Successful Breast Feeding and Pumping


Breast milk production is very challenging for most moms specially for the first time mothers. While most of them have able body capable of producing milk some of them needs help. This article is made to help moms enhance their milk production and to let them experience successful breast feeding and pumping session. Here are the 7 tips:

1. Take good care of yourself

Healthy lifestyle is the foundation of getting your body ready producing milk. If you failed to get this foundation right every tips for successful breast feeding and pumping down below will not be so effective. Eating healthy diet like consuming more fruits and vegetables, engaging in regular exercise and having adequate rest or sleep will all be helping in preparing your body to produce good amount of breast milk.

2. Relax

You need to set a stage to have a stress free environment before expressing. Stress can hinder your body’s natural ability to release breast milk. Take time to create a calm pumping environment which will really help you produce more breast milk. It is recommended that you find a place where there is less distraction, where you can position your body right for expressing. Sometimes it will help to look a picture of your baby and play some soothing music to simulate the relaxation you needed.

3. Pump often

Pump more frequently rather than for longer periods. Your body system is trainable. If your body experience regular and frequent pumping that means it will work to meet the demand. The more regular you are about your breast pump schedule, the more milk you’ll let down for the breast pump.

4. Breast feed your baby when time permits

The more you breast-feed your baby the greater your supply will be when you pump. Breast feeding will also promote bonding between you and baby. If you are working, program a schedule such that when you are available to breast feed your is hungry.

5. Drink plenty of fluids

A body that is well and stay hydrated is capable of producing more milk than not. Of course stay out of drinks that are not good for the baby or makes you hard to sleep.

6. Avoid or limit formula feedings.

If you are exclusively breast feeding your baby then it is good for you. Because introducing formula feeding will make your baby’s demand for breast milk less. And once there is a less demand for your milk then your body will start and slowly down milk production.

7. Don’t smoke

Smoking can reduce your milk supply, as well as change the taste of your milk. Once study suggests that cigarette smoking reduces milk production. Nicotine reduces basal prolactin levels which may reduce body’s milk production. Furthermore, nicotine also causes an adrenaline rush which may inhibit the release of oxytocin and interfere with the let-down reflex.

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