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When it comes to fat tire bikes, they come in a wide range of prices, with numerous options and features. Today we’re going to look at a few of the Best Fat Tire Bikes Under $500. Within this price range, it is possible to find a very nice fat bike at a reasonable price.

The Mongoose Men’s Malus 26″ 7-Speed Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose is well known for their high quality bicycles, and the Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike is a testament to their standards. The Malus Fatbike has an array of features that make it one of the best fat tire bikes under $500. Some of these features include disc brakes, a 3-piece crank, and 7 speeds.

Stops on a Dime

The is no doubt that brakes are a critical component on any bicycle, and fat tire bikes are no different. There are many types of braking systems for fatbikes, each with its own pros and cons. The Mongoose Malus 26″ Fat Tire Bike utilizes front and rear disc brakes that make for a sure stop every time. When you think of brakes on a bike, two tiny rubber pads, attached above the rear tire, probably come to mind. And while these braking setups will suffice; they do wear out and are not as reliable as disc brakes.

Twist Shifting

That’s right, the Malus shifting is controlled by twisting of the grips, for easy speed changes. Of the various types of shifting mechanisms, the twist handle type is perfect for fat tire bikes. Usually, when you are on your fat tire bike, you are cruising at a leisurely pace. In this case, there is no need for overkill in the shifter department. Mongoose took notice of this and they have developed a twist style shifter that is simple and will have you changing gears with the flick of a wrist.

7-Speeds of Fun

One of the many reasons that put the Mongoose Malus on the list of best fat tire bikes under $500 is the 7-speeds that it has. There are times when you only need one gear, and, of course, this is an option with the 26″ men’s Mongoose Malus. However, when you need to peddle through sand, snow, and over terrain that standard bicycles would never be able to make it through, 7-speeds can be a nice addition.

Alton Corsa Mammoth Fat Tire Bike

The Alton Corsa Mammoth Fat Tire Bike lives up to its name with its 26″ spider tires that will traverse any terrain. In addition to the heavy duty tires, the Alton Mammoth has a sleek design that incorporates smooth curves for a very appealing appearance. These qualities and more make the Alton Corso Fatbike one of the best fat tire bikes under $500.

Lightweight Frame

If you are lugging your bike around to the places where you go riding, such as the beach or the trails, having a lightweight fat tire bike can be priceless. The Mammoth Fatbike uses a lightweight aluminium frame that happens to very durable as well. Of course, it is always nice to have a lighter bike when you are riding across surfaces like sand and snow, so that the bike will float more easily on the surface, instead of sinking in.

Comfy Grips

When you are riding your fat tire bike long distances it can put a strain on your body, and your hands are no different. Alton Corso has taken this into consideration, and have installed comfy hand grips on the Mammoth, to ensure a comfortable riding experience. No more are the blisters on your palm after a long ride. You’ll simply be amazed at just how comfortable hand grips can be.

Promax Disc Brakes

Alton Corso went with Promax disc brakes for the front and rear tires on the Mammoth fat tire cruiser. These brakes offer exceptionally responsive braking so that you will never be in doubt as to whether the brakes are going to work properly. And the fact that they installed these disc brakes on both wheels make the Mammoth all the more tempting as the best fatbike under $500.

Mongoose Juneau 26″ Fat Tire Bicycle Green

The Mongoose Juneau is a terrific value at around $350 bucks, and it certainly falls into the category of best fat bikes under the $500 mark. This fat tire bike works well on all surfaces, but with its knobby tires, it is in its element when in the sand or snow. This bike is a perfect fat tire beach cruiser, with a unique color scheme.

Brilliant Green Color

If you are looking to turn heads when cruising on your fat tire bike, there is nothing that works better than bright colors, and the Juneau Fatbike has you covered. This fatbike comes in a stunning green color and the scheme seems to fit the bike well. While many times bike producers will go overboard with color, Mongoose has kept this and mind and they have once again proven why they are one of the best bike makers in the fat tire industry.

Amazing 21-Speeds

Yes, you read that correctly. There are 21-speeds on the Mongoose Juneau. I previously mentioned the usefulness of the stubby tires for off-road riding, and when you combine that with 21 speeds of shifting power, you have a fat tire bike that is ready to conquer most any terrain. Single speed fat tire bikes have their purpose, but it is certainly not trail riding. If you are looking for one of the best fat tire bikes under $500, especially if you are going to be riding on trails, or in the sand or snow, consider the Mongoose Juneau 26″ medium frame fat tire bike.

Easy Adjustments

The Juneau also features a threadless headset which easily adjusts to meet the needs of the rider. This may seem like a relatively insignificant feature, but if you have ever ridden a bike that is not properly adjusted, you will immediately appreciate the adjustable headset on the Mongoose Juneau fatbike. This bike will have you riding in comfort for hours on end.

Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Gordo Complete Fat Bike

The Diamondback El Oso Gordo fat tire bike hovers around the price range on between $400-$500 making it a bargain and propelling it onto the list of the best fat tire bikes under $500. This bike is not only a great overall fat bike, but it is also has a very stylish design. The heads will be turning when you roll past crowds on your Diamondback El Oso Gordo.

Rugged Frame

The frame on the El Oso Gordo Fat Bike is made from heat treated steel, so you know it will hold up in the most rugged conditions. Unlike many brands that use aluminium; which is lighter than steel, but it does not have the same strength qualities, and Diamond back has taken that into consideration when constructing the Gordo. This steel frame includes a heavy duty steel fork frame to hold the 26″ fat tires securely.

Apex Rotors

As we have mentioned, disc brakes are increasingly becoming the go-to system for brakes on bikes. The Diamondback El Oso Gordo also uses both front and rear Apex disc brakes. These are quality brakes that are reliable and will suffice in any situation. Whether you are cruising the beach, peddling a small trail, or you are going off the beaten path, these brakes will have you stopping fast every time.

Shimano Grip Shift 

One of the top names in bicycle parts is Shimano. They make all sorts of components and Diamondback has combined with Shimano for their 7-speed grip shifting system. The RS-35 grip shift brings this fat tire bike into a category of its own, surpassing many other more expensive models. Not only do the grips allow for fast shifting, but they also have an ergonomic feel, so that your wrists will not get tired in the midst of heavy shifting.

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