Best Ice Fishing Shelters 2016 – Ice Fishing Shanty Reviews


A durable and comfortable Ice Fishing Shelter is important for any dedicated ice fisherman and picking the best ice fishing shelter for your particular needs is a must. The environment that ice fishing takes place in often involves frigid temperatures and high winds, so a high quality Ice Shanty is a necessity. Listed are also some of the best pop up ice fishing shelters that are on the market. There are many different types of Ice Shelters available, each tailored toward a specific ice fishing experience. Check out the Best Ice Fishing Shelters of 2016 and 2017.

Eskimo QuickFlip 2 Ice Fishing Shelter

Eskimo QuickFlip 2 Ice Shelter is just one of many great ice fishing shelters that are available from Eskimo. There is a multitude of reasons to choose the QuickFlip 2 for your next ice fishing shelter. The entire shanty only takes a couple of minutes time to put up, so you know you’ll be out of the elements in no time with this ice shelter. The Eskimo QuickFlip 2 is built from thick material that will withstand the extreme elements presented to ice fisherman. This is one of the best ice fishing shelters on the market because it is made with 300D Ice Tight Fabric, which has a thread count that is 59% higher than most other comparable shelters and shanties. This high quality fabric will not only keep you warmer when sitting around the ice fishing hole, but it is also very durable thanks to the thickness of the shell.

The QuickFlip 2 provides plenty of room for two people to move around comfortably and still allows a lot of space for ice fishing equipment and coolers. This model has a fishable area of about 22.5 sq. feet, providing adequate room for two to three holes. This space is made possible by the thick steel frame that forms the inner shell; yet as thick and durable as this frame is, it certainly is far lighter than one would imagine, which is nice for long treks to find the best ice fishing spot. The unit has a sled bottom that, like the rest of the ice fishing shelter, is extremely durable and made from quality materials that will withstand the elements; it has a rigid design but is not bulky. This is a feature that not every shelter on our list of best ice fishing shelters has, which makes the Eskimo QuickFlip 2 standout.

This is one of the top ice fishing shelters because the seats that are built in are comfortable and solid. They have steel frames, so you know that they will withstand a lot of abuse, and mesh seats that allow moisture to pass easily while proving plenty of support that will allow you to be sitting in comfort for hours while in your ice fishing shelter. There is no doubt that this is one of the best pop up ice fishing shelters.

Clam Bigfoot XL6000 Pop Up Ice Fishing Shelter

This awesome ice fishing shelter is the Bigfoot XL6000 Pop Up brought to you by Clam; a trusted brand in ice fishing shanties. In fact, this particular model has been voted “BEST IN CLASS”, so you know that this product is preferred by many ice fisherman, and for this reason, we fell that is it falls into the category of best ice fishing shelters. The Bigfoot has 112′ square feet of space that can comfortably house up to 8 anglers, so bring the entire family! The dimensions of this ice shanty are 8′ x 14′ with a center height of 6’6″, which allows occupants to move easily within the confines of the Clam Bigfoot ice shelter. There is nothing worse than traversing the surface of a frozen lake in frigid temperatures only to setup your ice shelter and realize that it does not have space for all the occupants and ice fishing equipment.

The Clam Bigfoot XL6000 ice fishing shelter also separates itself from competitors by using Ultra-durable 600-denier fabric. This 600-denier fabric is twice as tough as most competitor’s ice shelters, so you know that this shanty will stand the test when out in the cold, winter elements. Durability isn’t the only positive aspect regarding the tough fabric, as this fabric will also ensure that any high winds will be negated and ice fisherman will stay warm while inside the shelter. Speaking of high winds, this Clam Bigfoot comes with 6 ice anchors that will keep the ice fishing shelter in place as those winds sweep across the frozen surface of the lake. The shelter also has considerable skin overlap so that it is possible to build ample snow backing.

Eskimo Fatfish Six Sided Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter

The Eskimo Fatfish has can has a staggering 5-7 person capacity with set-up size of 115″ x 115″ and 78″ high and elbow room of 122″ x 122″. That means that this is one awesome ice fishing shelter. This shelter has two separate zipper doors for easy access from either end of the shelter, so you know there won’t be a backup waiting at the door as you are moving in all of the day’s ice fishing equipment into the shanty. Believe it or not this particular model has 10, yes I said 10, windows that can be covered according to preference. Many ice shanties have two or three windows, but 10 windows are incredible, which means you are sure to have a good view in every direction. This is a major reason we feel that this rates as one of the best ice fishing shelters 2016.

If you are worried about staying warm inside the Eskimo Fatfish don’t be. It is fully insulated with IQ Insulated Fabric for 35% more warmth. This means that fisherman should stay nice and toasty while inside this best ice fishing shelter. Even though the structure comfortably fits 5-7 people that does not mean that it is difficult to setup or take down. In fact, that is usually a top concern regarding ice shanties of this size, but you can rest assured that the Fatfish only takes minutes to erect, so you will be ice fishing in no time. Included is also 9 self-tapping ice anchors that are easier to grip and will not bend under pressure of the elements.

Clam Nanook 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter

The Clam Nanook 2-Person is one of the most highly reviewed of the best ice fishing shelters 2016. As with the other ice fishing shelters made by Clam the Nanook 2-Person is perfect for any ice fishing excursion whether you are an amateur or a professional. This particular model is meant for 2 people, and it provides plenty of extra space for all of you ice fishing equipment. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the Nanook is the padded swivel seats with backrest. There are not many ice fishing shelters that can lay claim to that, and that is another reason this ranks among the best 2 person ice fishing shelters.

The front and read D-doors are nice additions, allowing for easy access and manoeuvrability between fishermen. This 2 person ice fishing shelter is not called an instant set-up portable fish house for no reason. This ice fishing shelter can be set-up in a matter of minutes, which can be a lifesaver when out in the frigid temperatures and snow while ice fishing. Along with the brand name of Clam, you get a high quality ice fishing shelter that is hard to beat for the price. If you are looking for the best 2 person ice fishing shelter this might be the one for you. This is another of the best pop up ice fishing shelters that are currently on the market in 2016 and it is sure to be one of the best pop up ice fishing shanties going into the 2017 ice fishing season.

Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter by ThunderBay

The Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter is another great product from ThunderBay. The Ice Cube 3 is made from 300 denier fabric which makes for a very durable shanty, that is sure to withstand the winter season elements. It has dimensions of 90″ x 90″ from hub to hub, creating an abundance of space for three ice anglers to move around with ease and stow away all of their ice fishing rods, coolers, and other ice fishing equipment, as many of the reviews will support. Most people who have purchased this shelter will tell you that it may be labeled as a 3 person ice fishing shelter but it can accommodate more than three people, making it not only spacious, but it moves it up on our review list of best ice fishing shelters of the year.

The Ice Cube 3 is also very easy to setup and, in fact, can be setup in a matter of minutes, so you will be out of the wind and cold in no time. Another reason this is a top ice fishing shelter is that it comes with a handy carrying case that holds the ice shelter and other accessories. Also included in those accessories are 6 self tapping ice anchors that will ensure that the ice shelter will stay put even in the highest of winds. Many customers have noted that this shelter should no be called “wind resistant”, but instead should be designated “windproof”! This goes a long way in showing just how effective the 300 denier fabric is in withstanding all that winter can throw at it.

In addition to the other great aspects of this; one of the best ice shelters 2016, the Ice Cube 3 comes with blackout coating that ensures that no light will get through unless you want it to. This allows ice fisherman to determine exactly how much light they would like coming in to the shelter, or if they would rather rely on artificial light, then that can easily be done.

Frabill Bunker 250 Insulated 2-3 Person Ice Fishing Shelter

The Frabill Bunker 250 is one of the best ice fishing shelters for fitting two to three ice fisherman, and still it provides enough room for the rest of the ice fishing equipment you’ll need for a successful day on the lake. This Frabill ice shanty has full insulation, so you know that you are going to stay warm in the frigid temperatures often encountered while ice fishing. This particular ice shelter will fit between 2-3 people, so there is plenty of room for you and a couple friends.

Not only does the Bunker 250 Hub ice shelter maintain interior warmth, but its thick insulation also acts as a breaker to the heavy winds that sometimes roll across large frozen lakes where there is nothing to slow the wind. With dimensions of 80″L x 80″W x 80″H this insulated shelter has plenty of room to enjoy a day on the lake. In fact, the Frabill Bunker has 30% more fishable space than competitors of similar makes. This means more fun with family and friends while sitting around ice holes fishing and enjoying a day on the lake. Check the listing to find out why this is one of the best ice fishing shelters for many ice fisherman.

Elkton Portable Pop-up 3 Person Ice Fishing Shelter Fishing Tent

The spaciousness of the Elkton Portable Pop-up 3 Person Ice Shelter is one of the most impressive aspects of this spectacular shanty. This shelter is 36 sq feet; 6′ Long x 6′ Wide x 7.1′ Tall. This incredible amount of space makes for a lot of extra room for storage and additional ice fishing gear, not to mention housing 3 people comfortably and three fishing holes. The setup with this particular model is very easy, especially considering the large size of the shanty, allowing you to have it ready in minutes. The Elkton ice fishing shelter uses heavy duty hubs connected to steel rods that make for a very sturdy and durable shanty structure.

The skin that covers the frame is made of 300D Polyester black backed coating. It might not seem like UV rays are something that you need to worry about when ice fishing in the dead of winter, but the suns rays are still penetrating the ozone and therefore UV rays should be protected against, and the Elkton Portable Pop-up has you covered there, literally. Another reason that this is one of the best ice fishing shelters is that it actually comes with its own backpack carry-case that can hold an array of other ice fishing items as well. An added bonus is that the windows have a clear plastic cover that can be used or a dark one. This ability to limit the suns rays by including a dark window cover is yet another reason why Elkton is one of the best manufacturers in the ice fishing shelter industry.

Clam 9710 Kenai Pro 1 Person Ice Fishing Shelter

If you are looking for a one person ice fishing shelter then consider the Clam Kenai Pro. The Clam is made from tough 420-denier fabric, which is made to withstand the elements while out ice fishing. It acts as a great buffer against the wind that sweeps across the barren ice surface. The thickness of the fabric help maintains heat inside the ice fishing shelter. If you need an area to store some small pieces of ice fishing equipment the Clam 9710 Kenai Pro has a hammock, and a front access door. This particular model takes its design from the popular Kenai Shelter. There is no doubt that the Clam 9710 Kenai Pro is perhaps the best ice fishing shelter 2016 for one person, offering quality at an affordable price.

This model also comes with the highly demanded tub for extra storage space which adds even more efficiency to this ice fishing shanty. Throw in the adjustable seat and it is no wonder that the Clam Kenai Pro has been one of the top selling one man ice fishing shelters in recent years. For over 30 years Clam Outdoors has stood for the best in outdoor gear and this clearly continues. There was no doubt that there were going to be some Clam brand shanties that meet the criteria of best ice fishing shelters.

That concludes the list of best ice fishing shelters 2016, but here are some extra tips when looking into buying an ice shelter:

Ice fishing shelters, also referred to as ice fishing houses, fish houses, ice houses, and most commonly, ice fishing shanties, are small structures designed to protect ice fisherman while out in the elements on a frozen lake. Ice shanties can be built out of anything from a simple wood frame construction to being made of some of the most innovative fabrics available. It is common to find ice fishing shelters for sale near the inland lakes of the northern hemisphere come springtime.

An important aspect of any ice fishing shelter is the material that it has been constructed of, namely the outer covering that protects against the wind and snow. While a simple tarp may suffice as a shanties shell, it will not protect against the cold very well, since it does not provide much insulation. In fact, many of the best ice fishing shelters are made from fabrics as thick as 1,200 deniers and even higher. You may be asking what is a “denier”? According to, a denier is “a unit of measurement that is used to determine the fiber thickness of individual threads or filaments used in the creation of textiles and fabrics. Fabrics with a high denier count tend to be thick, sturdy, and durable”.

As mentioned some of the best portable ice fishing shelters for sale have a denier of 1,200, which means that the fabric will better insulate than a fabric of 200 deniers. The denier rating of an ice fishing shelter can drastically affect the shelter’s price. Most manufacturers of ice fishing houses and shanties use their own specially developed, high-tech thermal skins, for the outer shell of their portable ice fishing shelters.

Another thing to take a look at when purchasing an ice fishing shelter is how well the frame is constructed and the materials used. Some ice shanties use aluminium and other alloy frames, which can cause harm to exposed skin when the metal becomes frozen. Newer ice fishing shelters commonly use these metal pole systems for support, however the poles are usually covered with canvas or thermal covering. A pole system for an ice shelter allows for a relatively lightweight shanty that is easily portable and collapsible. Ice fishing houses built out of wood can be at risk against the elements also. Typically the wood used to build theses ice shanties has considerable weight and could collapse in high winds and heavy snow causing injury. Wood can also soak up water and moisture which can lead to a weakening of the structure.

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