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Ice fishing sleds are an important accessory for any ice fishing trip. Ice fishing sleds offer a means of transporting all of the ice fishing equipment that is needed, such as ice augers, ice fishing rods, and ice traps or tip-ups. In addition to carrying all of that equipment, the best ice fishing sleds will also hold the ice fishing shelter that you are going to use. There is a wide array of ice fishing sleds on the market, therefore we have chosen the best ice fishing sleds in different categories and types, so you are sure to be satisfied with the ice fishing sled you choose.

Shappell 54 Jet Sled

The Shappell 54 Jet Sled is perfect for transporting all of your gear across the frozen lake to get to the spot where all the fish are schooling. The Jet Sled is made from rugged polyethene, that is rigid enough to hold its form, yet flexible as to prevent it from cracking when traversing rough terrain.

The Shappell 54 has molded runners that help add strength and stability to the sled, while also preventing it from zig-zagging while being pulled. This is one of the best ice fishing sleds because it can easily be pulled by hand thanks to the specially contoured hull. The Shappell 54 Jet Sled has measures 4′ x 24″, for plenty of storage room.

Not only is the Shapell 54 great for towing all your icefishing equipment, but it can also be used firewood, animals after being taken in the field, and all sorts of other materials.

“We have used these sleds every day this winter on Crystal Lake in Michigan to service our rental shanties.”
-Richard, Amazon Reviewer

“I use the jet sled for hauling ice fishing gear, and also predator bait for winter hunting and trapping. It’s solid, and pulling it is a breeze. Great product!”
-Alan, Amazon Reviewer.

Beavertail Sports Ice Fishing Sled

The Beavertail Sport Sled is a great addition to any ice fishing arsenal. The Sport Sled is one of the best ice fishing sleds because it comes in a three different sizes, so that you are sure to find one that is the perfect size for your needs. The most popular size of the Beavertail Ice Fishing Sport Sled is 64″L x 29″W x 11″H. This size allows plenty of room to stow all of the ice fishing equipment that you will need for a day on the lake. The smaller sizes are great for transporting items like groceries and can be useful for handicap and the disabled to better transport necessary items.

The Sport Sled comes in a Marsh Brown color and is made from reliable all-season polyethylene construction that will stand up against the harsh elements of the ice fishing world. The marsh brown color is another reason that this is one of the most versitile and best ice fishing sleds. This color blends in perfectly if you decide to take the sled into the woods to pick up game that has been taken. In fact, the Sport Sled blends in so well with the natural colors of nature that it could be stored near your hunting blind. The sled is also perfect for transporting firewood and construction materials.

Sun Dolphin Tuff Tote Ice Fishing Sled

The Sun Dolphin Tuff Tote is one of the best ice fishing sleds because of the two five-gallon bucket recesses that are built in to the bottom of the sled. Every ice fisherman knows the value of using five-gallon buckets for carrying supplies and, of course, as a convienient seat to place next to the ice fishing hole. The fact that Sun Dolphin has taken this into consideration when constructing their Tuff Tote show why it is a top ice fishing sled.

The Tuff Tote lives up to its name, as it is a very sturdy sled, that will stand the test of time and can be used for many ice fishing seasons. Another bonus of the Tuff Tote is that it is made to ba a tow-able sled. It is equipped with a heavy duty rope that can be attached to a snowmobile, ATV, or even a vehicle, to be quickly towed to its destination.

As with many ice fishing sleds, this, being one of the best ice fishing sleds, has convenient hand-hold locations for added portability. It measures 48″ x 25″ x 6″ and weighs in at 7 pounds. An added bonus is the two year warranty the Tuff Tote comes with.

Otter Sports Sled and Ice Fishing Sled

The Otter Sports Sled is made for strength and stability and that is one of the reasons it made the list of best ice fishing sleds. The Otter is made from one, uniform piece of 100% Roto-Molded tough polyethylene. This tye of construction, plus an outer lip designed for more support, makes for a very durable and solid ice fishing sled.

The Otter ice fishing sled has a raised back so that cargo will be more secure, and will not fall out while being towed or hand-pulled. The Otter Sports Sled is one of the only sleds in the best ice fishing sleds section that actually has an optional universal tow hitch adapter. This is a must when pulling this sled behind a vehicle or ATV.

As with many other ice fishing sleds, this one is multipurpose; perfect for transporting fishing and hunting equipment, and other items such as firewood.

Strike Master Ice Augers Glide-Lite Ice Fishing Sled

The Glide-Lite Ice Fishing Sled by Strike Master is a unique piece of equipment in regards to typical ice fishing sled, but nevertheless this is one of the best ice fishing sleds. The Glide-Lite has vertical rod holders that are nice because they prevent your ice fishing rods from getting tangled, as they might if placed in other ice fishing sleds. The vertical rod holders also allow for quick access, so that you are ready to begin fishing immediately once the fish are located.

The Glide-Lite comes with a removable seat cover that fits on standard five and six gallon buckets, so once the fishing destination is reached a seat can be setup quickly. The main compartment is great for storing ice fishing equipment such as bait, cameras, and other gear. There is a small tray in the front keeps the most common items at hand and ready for use. There are limitations with this sled, such as a lack of space for larger equipment, that might be had with other ice fishing sleds, however it is also easier to handle for that reason, so that is why it is one of the best ice fishing sleds for the money.

Shappell Jet Sled 1 ATC – Ice Fishing Sled

The Shappell Jet Sled ATC is another ice fishing sled by Shappell that is very durable, being made of rugged polyethylene, this ice fishing sled is sure to please even the pickiest of ice fishermen. This ice fishing sled has molded runners that add strength and stability, and provide better control when pulling. One of the great things that this ice fishing sled has going for it is its All Terrain Camo finish that is useful when using the led as a hunting sled or to haul firewood if you are trying to blend in with the foliage.

In fact Amazon Reviewer, D. Davis had this to say “A must have if you hunt. Great for dragging duck hunting gear, but also works well for hauling out a deer. With a 2×12 or motorcycle ramp, I can load a deer into the sled and pull a deer/pig into the bed of my truck by myself”. That is clear testament to the usefulness of this sled as both an ice fishing sled and as a hunting sled. This sled is also perfect for hauling decoys to the blind. Measuring dimensions: 54″ x 25″ x 10″; the Shappell Jet Sled ATC will hold plenty of decoys and hunting equipment.

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