Best Professional Blow Dryer Reviews


If buying the best blow dryer in 2018 has been on your mind for quite some time, you’ll find all there’s to know about them in this paragraph. After carefully analyzing the owner feedback and the sales figures of hundreds of options, we’ve concluded that the BaByliss Pro BAB2000 is the best choice for the money. In case you have no means of ordering or testing the BaByliss Pro BAB2000, perhaps you should consider trying out the RUSK Engineering W8less as we have noticed that it’s capable of a similar performance.

Going straight to work after you’ve had your shower in the morning is probably what most people do these days when spare time becomes more and more limited. What’s more, we’re getting used to waking up tired and often prefer spending a few more minutes in bed which would have typically been devoted to drying your hair with a blow dryer. Most people will argue that nothing can beat drying your hair naturally. We’re not here to disagree as there are countless reasons one might want to consider this. One of them is that poorly built products can have an adverse impact on the looks, shine, and even health of your hair fiber. A too high temperature has the same result.

Top 5 products Professional Blow Dryer Reviews

1. BaByliss Pro BAB2000

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on the best blow dryer on the market, perhaps this BaByliss model might satisfy your requirements.

On the one hand, it costs less than other options and won’t risk ruining your budget. On the other hand, it’s one of the most effective products in the line, as the 2000-watt power means that you’ll be able to dry and style your locks in a timely fashion.

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that this model has been built with the user mind, which is why its ceramic technology and infrared heat can prevent damages.

Given that this unit comes with six speed and heat settings, it stands to reason that you’re more than free to select the right one for your type of hair and for the amount of time you have available for styling it.

2. RUSK Engineering W8less

Some models are more advanced than others, and this rule applies in the case of the RUSK Engineering W8less.

In spite of the fact that, as its name suggests, it’s one of the lightest units available for sale nowadays, it’s more than capable of doing its job. In fact, it’s so efficient and versatile that it is equipped with seven heat and speed settings which can let you customize the airflow and temperature in accordance with your hair.

Having been specially developed for coarse hair that takes time and effort to dry, it’s easy to see why this 2000-watt option should be at the top of your list. Also, the component that comes in close contact with your locks has been constructed with ceramic and tourmaline, to make sure that the risk of damages is substantially reduced.

3. ConairPRO SB307W

Conair is one of the most reputable brands in the industry of manufacturing equipment intended for beauty and personal care.

The company creates some of the highest quality facial steamers, foot baths, and blow dryers. That being said, it stands to reason that the SB307W is in compliance with the brand’s quality standards.

The ceramic components of this option make it worth bearing in mind as they create millions of negative ions that can dry your hair in a timely fashion and also prevent any damage.

Unlike some of the formerly mentioned alternatives, this one has six heat and speed settings, therefore giving users with fine hair the freedom they might require when it comes to setting the right temperature.

Use the cool shot trigger each time you’re not on the run as drying your hair this way is far healthier. A concentrator nozzle and a straightener pic are part of the deal with this model.

4. Conair 333CRP

If your hair dryer has died recently and you’re searching for one that fits the bill nicely, maybe you’d benefit from giving some thought to the new Conair 333CRP.

While some prospective buyers might tend to think that this unit has an inferior performance compared to the one of some of its competitors, the fact of the matter is that a power of 1875 is more than enough to raise up to par.

Furthermore, the tourmaline ceramic technology used in the construction of several of the components in this product makes it possible for you to rest assured that your hair will look healthy and shiny at the same time.

Since this is a remarkably affordable unit, it comes with just two heat and three speed settings, but these and the cool shot button should allow you to style your locks as best as possible. A concentrator nozzle, as well as a diffuser attachment, are provided in the pack.

5. Xtava Allure

Versatility and convenience are at the root of this product as it is intended for most hair types, with the exception of very fine locks.

The 2200-watt power of this model can make it possible for you to take a shower without having to worry about whether or not you’ll be late for an appointment due to the fact that you don’t have the time to dry your hair.

It’s worth noting that, since the Xtava Allure comes with two speed settings and three heat settings, it might be less intended for people whose hair is extremely fragile.

Nonetheless, the ceramic ionic technology used in the development of this unit make it worth considering, and even more so because it comes with a concentrator nozzle. Due to the fact that the Xtava Allure features a removable filter at the rear of the unit, you’ll be able to clean it with ease.


The best blow dryer brands

BaByliss is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed manufacturers that is present in both the American and Canadian marketplaces. Part of the appreciation gathered by the brand is due to the fact that it has a long history of manufacturing high-quality products in various personal care industries.

For example, some of the most popular units designed by BaByliss include stylers, professional hair dryers, trimmers, and pulsed light depilation products. More recently, the company has penetrated the European market where its products have received the same amount of acknowledgment acquired by the brand on the Northern American territory.

Conair is another well-known brand in the same industry, and the main difference between some of its competitors and Conair is that the company has gradually focused its efforts on designing personal products particularly for hair care.

While the manufacturer does produce dependable units in the bath and spa, garment and home care, health and wellness, and travel categories, the fact of the matter is that almost no other brand can beat Conair when it comes to developing hair styling irons, dryers, brushes, combs, and styling essentials. Plus, the company has a withstanding reputation of providing excellent customer support.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to break the bank in order to purchase a professional blow dryer, perhaps you’d like to check out some units manufactured by Remington. Not only are these units dependable and durable but they also don’t cost a lot of money.

From what we’ve noticed, most blow dryers with the Remington logo don’t cost more than forty dollars. That’s a bargain considering the excellent features of the models. The fact of the matter is that most other products in Remington hair care are affordable, with curling irons and straighteners costing less than thirty dollars.

Revlon is yet another widely popular brand when it comes to designing top-notch blow dryers. While this name is present in other beauty areas such as makeup and fragrances, it’s easy to see that the company also manufacturers a good deal of personal care units, ranging from brushes to other hair products.

If you’re wondering why you should purchase a Revlon hair dryer, we’d like to point out that this manufacturer ceased animal testing in 1989, thus speaking to the needs of vegans and other individuals interested in the welfare of mammals that might be used in cosmetics laboratories across the world.

Even so, after doing a thorough research on the matter, we’ve noticed that many males and females alike are sensitive to cold or windy weather and can thus develop all sorts of respiratory issues, most of which located in one’s sinuses. A sinus infection is very hard to treat but it is among the most common conditions that affect millions of people every year. If you’ve ever heard the saying “It’s better to prevent than cure”, you probably know why using a blow dryer instead of waiting for your hair to dry on its own is the right way to go about things.

What’s more, using the best blow dryer of 2018 can assist with styling your hair. Most products such as hair pastes and pomades actually require users to apply them when their hair is dry, which is why blow drying for just one minute can allow you to achieve the look you’ve been looking for without waiting for at least two hours.

Ceramic and tourmaline alternatives are healthy and safe to utilize as they make the heat considerably gentler. All in all, if you’re having second thoughts about using a blow dryer, we’ll set your mind at ease by telling you that there’s nothing stopping you from using heat protectant products prior to drying your hair.

Because of the multitude of options that are available in today’s market, any prospective buyer can feel just a tad baffled when trying to decide to purchase the best blow dryer for fine hair in 2018 or for thick hair. You’re in the right place if you find that making the right call is too complicated as we’ve decided to take the hassle out of your research and create a short list of tips and tricks for choosing the right unit for your needs.

While we’re at it, we’d like to emphasize that your hair type and your preferences and purpose should always be on your mind, so be sure to correlate the attributes of the product you want to buy with all of these personal details.

How to Choose Blow Dryer?


From what we have gathered, the vast majority of the units that you might come across out there can be split up into four primary categories. Many blow dryers are categorized depending on the cost and the purpose, which is why some will be destined for professional use whereas others, less expensive options, will raise up to par when being used occasionally.

Professional hair dryers are the best on all accounts. They’re powerful, provide a higher amount of heat, and a stronger airflow. Their wattage is the highest of all, and the core advantage of deciding to invest in a less affordable alternative is that it will last a longer time. The working life of professional models has been estimated at around 2,000 hours.

Travel hair dryers are effective and cost-efficient but they’re significantly less powerful compared to their professional counterparts. They are light and sometimes, even easy to fold, which is why you’d benefit from using them if you’re a frequent traveler. They should not be used too often, though, as their small size is related to a relatively low working life.

Dryer hoods and wall-mounted dryers are two types you might encounter less often these days, because they’re less popular. While utilizing a dryer hood is relatively easy as it can simply be placed on the user’s head, a wall-mounted model isn’t very convenient when it comes to usability.



If you’ve been analyzing the market for a while, you’ve probably become aware of the terminology that is currently being used to describe the technologies of blow dryers. During your buying journey, you’ll come across terms such as ceramic, ionic, infrared, and tourmaline. What does all this mean for you? A ceramic and titanium model is capable of diffusing the heat in a gentle fashion. When combined with ionic technology, such a product would make for the best blow dryer for natural hair in 2018. Ionic dryers are great options for people looking to reduce frizz.

As for the infrared technology, it helps offer consistent heat thus allowing hair never to become overheated. Tourmaline models are, in a sense, infrared capable, as this gemstone generates ions that allow hair to dry faster but also gives it a certain shine and healthy look. In the end, it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve by using a unit. For instance, buying a blow dryer with diffuser for curly hair can assist you in getting the look you’ve always wanted at home, without paying for money that you’d spend at a beauty parlor.



The wattage of the unit defines its power, which is why it’s connected to the heat the model is capable of producing and the speed of the airflow. In most cases, try to stick to products of which the power is around 1,300 to 1,800 watts as we’ve found that this is just the right amount of wattage that is needed for the vast majority of hair types. A blow dryer for curly hair, however, should have higher levels for it to be capable of drying this kind of hair adequately.


While the scale of the product per se might not be critical in most events, you should try to think about the applications and moments you will be likely to use the blow dryer. As previously discussed, travel alternatives are extremely convenient if your line of work requires you to travel frequently.

Many of these models have foldable parts and their size can thus be adjusted so that they fit in a small travel bag. Full-size options are larger and have more powerful motors compared to their travel counterparts. Keep in mind that most 3-star or 4-star hotels have small blow dryers in the bathrooms of the rooms, so perhaps you’d be better off investing in a fully capable model that you can use in the comfort of your home.


Most extras you’ll encounter are diffusers, concentrated nozzles, and picks. A blow dryer with comb attachment can assist you in adding volume. In a nutshell, you should consider concentrated nozzles when you want to style the hair in a particular area. As for the diffuser, it can make the difference when it comes to curling and taming the frizz. Both people with straight hair and those with curly hair can benefit from using a diffuser.

Temperature adjustments

Fine and thick hair are different on many levels. Most professional alternatives come with temperature settings that allow you to customize the heat so that it’s the best possible one for your type of hair. Therefore, adjustable temperature can make the difference when it comes to avoiding heat damage as the user has the freedom to select the one that’s fit for his or her needs.


Frequent questions about blow dryers


Are blow dryers bad for your hair?

Not all blow dryers are created the same. Judging by the information that we have gathered, we’ve noticed that units that are very cheap might not offer the best performance. In addition, models that have been manufactured by shady brands or companies that don’t have a lot of experience in the field might pose a threat to the health of the user’s’ hair. Perhaps they have not been developed with the highest quality of materials.

In many cases, units that don’t allow owners to perform temperature adjustments can sometimes be dangerous, particularly for people with very fine hair. A high-quality alternative should have garnered some of the best blow dryer reviews in 2018, so if you do your share of research and go through every model’s ratings, you have nothing to worry about.

Do blow dryers damage hair?

While drying your hair naturally is possibly the best alternative to using a hair dryer, we want to emphasize that few blow dryers can actually damage hair.

Those of which the temperature cannot be adjusted in accordance with the hair attributes of the user may be riskier to use than professional models that allow owners to perform absolutely all the customizations they might feel comfortable with. In other words, it’s wrong to say that all blow dryers can damage hair, because, in actuality, many are made to protect hair and give it some luster and a healthy look.

How does a hair dryer work?

Most of the units you’re likely to encounter when sifting through the options that are present in today’s market don’t pose any technical difficulties to users. As such, there’re a plethora of units that come with buttons and controls that are easy to utilize. Some may have more adjustment settings in comparison with others, but that depends on the model you will end up picking.

A typical blow dryer has a motor that gives it the power and provides the air flow that is needed to dry hair. The plaque that you’ll find at the end that’s closer to your hair can be constructed out of various materials, some of which, such as tourmaline, are, in fact, highly recommended for people looking for a shiny-looking hair.

How to use blow dryer diffuser?

Using a diffuser attachment isn’t all that hard, and we’re here to explain to you how to get the most of it. After having washed your hair, lightly tap it with a towel so as to get the most moisture out of it. Start using your blow dryer with the diffuser attached. We recommend using either the low or the medium heat setting.

Gently place the diffuser at your roots and continue by performing circular motions. Once you’ve done this, you may use the diffuser on the rest of the hair and eventually push up your curls. For maximum results, apply a leave-in conditioner prior to starting to dry your hair with the diffuser.

Are blow dryers allowed on airplanes?

The short answer to this question is yes. Travel-size hair dryers, their accessories, as well as various curling irons and styling devices are allowed in your travel bag. Nevertheless, it might be worth pointing out that models that are powered using any type of butane, gas, or inflammable fuel are strictly prohibited from being transported with an airplane.

If you intend to stay at a reasonably priced hotel, our recommendation is to avoid carrying such devices with you as it’s a high chance that your accommodation offers you the convenience of a blow dryer. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from calling beforehand and asking a hotel representative whether their bathrooms are equipped with hair dryers or not.

What blow dryer do professionals use?

Judging by the info that we’ve consulted, professionals tend to like one brand over the next, depending on their affiliation and the products they’ve tested in the past. Most hair stylists have tried a plethora of dryers before starting to recommend one.

Some of the most popular choices include units manufactured by companies such as Jimmy Paul, Odile Gilbert, James Pecis, Luke Hersheson, and Esther Langham. Since many of these models usually cost more than two hundred dollars, we recommend comparing the features of these esteemed options with several affordable ones. This will allow you to get almost the same specs with minimum investment.

Which blow dryer is best for natural hair?

Ionic dryers are the best options that you can afford if you have natural hair. Since these models have been developed in such a way that they interact with your hair’s ions and create negative ones that break down the water droplets, they can allow you to benefit from a quick dry.

If what you’re looking for is a decrease in drying time and heat damage prevention, we recommend getting an ionic and ceramic model all into one. This combination is also highly recommended for reducing frizz and chances are you might be interested in just that. Natural hair needs more power, so stick with models of which the wattage is around 2,000.

Who invented the blow dryer?

The first prototype was invented at the end of the 19th century by Alexander Godefroy in France. Godefroy was a hair stylist and the owner of a beauty parlor who noticed that such a device would give him the time and control needed to perform adjustments on his clients’ hair. Initially, the blow dryer was an electromechanical unit that was similar to a hair hood dryer but looked considerably different compared to the latter.

The handheld form was created in the United States in 1915 and was a technical innovation belonging to the National Stamping and Electricworks. Since the 1920s, the industry focused on reducing the size of units and improving their material and wattage.

Do blow dryers use a lot of electricity?

In short, energy consumption depends on the wattage of the chosen unit. The lower the power, the less chance of you noticing any difference on your bills. Many people seem to think that a blow dryer is one of the most expensive appliances to use in one’s house.

It’s important to point out that, unlike tools that you will be using continuously, a blow dryer simply cannot use too much electricity as it is only utilized occasionally. Therefore, the only places where such a unit might make the difference when it comes to electrical bills are beauty salons, where stylists use them very often.

The best tips for using a blow dryer

Consider your hair length

Depending on the length of your hair, you’re likely to spend more or less time on drying it. If you have short locks, we recommend using a leave-in conditioner after gently tapping your hair with a dry towel. Use a flat brush to achieve a sleek, clean look and be sure always to start with your bangs, if you have any.

Medium hair can also benefit from a leave-in conditioner, although people with fine hair might be interested in employing a volumizing product. In this case, drying your bangs should be performed with the help of a round brush that should be used when you’ve almost wrapped up the entire process, just to style the look as you want to. Long hair should be pulled up and clipped.

These sections ought to be dried separately depending on your purpose. A ceramic brush is a great thing to have around the house if you want loose curls in your look.

Be patient

One of the mistakes that most people do is failing to dry their hair with a towel prior to using a blow dryer. If your hair is too wet, it can be prone to heat damage a lot easier, considering that the water in the fiber can overheat much more than your slightly dry fiber would. Experts recommend drying your hair with a towel so that almost half of the moisture is gone.

After you’ve worked on your look and are relatively pleased with the results, you should be patient enough to let your hair set. Brush it until it has cooled down before going out of the house.

If you hate frizz, do this

In order to avoid getting your hair damaged or frizzy, professional stylists recommend that you avoid drying your hair completely. Leave some of the locks partially moist as your hair will do its job anyway and will become dry in a matter of just five to ten minutes.

If you intend to use various products and a brush, there’s a high chance that your hair will have finished drying by the time you’ve completed your routine. Never underestimate the power of a conditioner other hair beauty products, particularly if you have curly hair.

Adequate heat

Thick and coarse hair needs a bit more heat to become dry in the same amount of time as fine hair. However, since not all hair dryers are the same, it might be a good idea to invest in one that allows you to set the temperature so that it fits your hair type. Always remember that too much heat can inevitably take a toll on your locks.

When you’re using it, keep the model as far as six inches away from your hair. If possible, don’t use the machine for more than three times per week. What’s more, it’s probably not even healthy to wash your hair every day as you’ll be getting rid of the natural substances that can protect it from harsh weather and the likes.


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