10 Best Colored Pencils for Coloring Books


Coloring is a very interesting hobby and the most artistic way of expressing oneself. It is no doubt that children are taken through the curriculum of coloring when they have just began attending school. At least it is easier than learning how to write.

You don’t have to be talented in art so as to do some coloring. You can as well do it for fun and as a past time activity. Colored pencils vary in style, lightfastness of the pigments, concentration of the pigments in the core or softness of the lead depending on its quality, manufacturer and price. They are good in layering, blending or shading. You probably are thinking on what brand you can choose from, when purchasing the perfect colored pencils for coloring books! Well, here is a list where you can pick from. They have been tried by professionals, reviewed and recommended to people who have passion in coloring.

Top 5 Colored Pencils: Compared

10 Best Colored Pencils Reviews

1. Artlicious – 50 Premium Distinct Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books

The colored pencils are pre-sharpened. They are made of non-rain forest harvested wood for easy sharpening. There is an included sharpener in the package. With these colored pencils, you don’t have to put much effort into the pencil to get the color you want because the color goes on so smoothly and is so bright and vibrant, only one coat is needed. The smooth colors are perfect for color mixing and blending, as well as practicing more detailed techniques. Perfect for all types of coloring pages, including intricate adult coloring pages. Artlicious Colored Pencils are the perfect tools for coloring! These colored pencils bring out the beauty of even the most detailed coloring pages. The different colors offer a rich and diverse palette to keep you calm, cool and colorful.The Artlicious colored pencils are the best set of quality colored pencils with multiple color variations. The colors are totally distinct; no duplicates. They are made of thick, soft leads, so they won’t break easily under pressure. The robust leads enable the pencil to lay smoother than most of other colored pencils.

With 50 bright, bold colors to choose from, you won’t run out of ways to turn plain drawings into vibrant works of art. They blend so well irrespective of the type of paper used.


Q: Are they water color pencils?

A: No, they are not.

Q: How do they erase?

A: They are not erasable pencils.

Q: Do these colored pencils include gray and cream colors?

A: These have a Dim Gray, Dark Gray and Gray. In order to achieve a cream color, you may blend wheat and white colors.

2. Professional Color Pencil Set-48 Unique Art Coloring Pencils- Pencil Kit With Canvas Roll Up Pencil Case

The set consists of 48 unique art coloring pencils; no similar colors. They color a given area so well without passing through the agony of pressing too hard. The oil used in pigmentation is non-toxic and can be used even by children. You don’t have to be an artist or professional for you to use them, but you can do so for funny, refreshing your mind or getting rid of stress. The pencils come when already sharpened, so you can use them straight away.The Professional color pencil set is ideal for young artists and excellent for everyone else. It is packaged with a pencil sharpener, canvas roll up pencil case for convenient storing and a free gift Great Adult Coloring Book “Secret Garden”. The wrap is built very nicely and the pencils slide right out of the slots with minimal effort. They do stay in the wrap when not in use and won’t fall out. It is therefore the best gift one can buy for a friend or family.

3. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils are the best you should ever have if you are an artist or doing some professional coloring. It brings out the soft side of any illustration, creates effortless blends, layers and shades, and ensures your coloring pencils have the perfect point. They come in variety of sets such as the 29 pack, 48, 72, 132 and 150 pack; of which you can choose when making an order.

The colored pencils have a high quality lightfast pigment and the robust leads are thick and durable. They can be sharpened to a precision point but won’t break at all or be susceptible to chipping. You can comfortably switch between powerful lines, delicate blends and silky shadowing. The pencils feature small cores, vibrant pigments and superior blending. The small cores creamy and thick for unbeatable blending, smooth color lay-down and reduced breakage. It gives a superior blending whereby you can combine colors to create unique shades that match your imagination.

The set comes with two Premier blender pencils and a pencil sharpener. The colorless blender is made of  colorless wax-based formula, making it ideal for intense blending, softening edges and laying down texture. The colored pencil sharpener has two blades; one for a fine point, the other for a wide point so you’ll always have the right level of sharpness for your art projects.

There is also a coloring starter kit in the Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils. This option is ideal for people who have just began their adult coloring book journey and are going with the 29 pack. The package includes soft core pencils, an illustration marker, an eraser, a sharpener and 8 page adult coloring booklet with 8 illustrations. The black illustration marker has premium, smear-resistant ink and an ultra-fine 005 tip that is ideal for creating crisp details and outlining. The kneaded rubber eraser molds easily into exactly the size and shape you’re trying to erase.

4. LYV 72 Premium Art Watercolors Colored Pencils Set For Sketch Artists With Roll-up Canvas Pencil Case

The LYV colored pencils are water soluble, allowing you to transform your art to the canvas with ease providing stunning crisp lines and stunning colors. Using the pencil while dry will give more defined stroke while the wet one will give a watercolor appearance. The pencil is dipped in water for deeper strokes or dabbed  into a wet rag or sponge for milder water color effects. They are environment friendly, non-toxic and safe for your health. Kids can use them too, but cautiously since they may be a choking hazard. They have a strong shaft and quality color composite to provide strength when drawing and prevent breakage.The LYV Art watercolor pencils are ideal for both young artists and the professionals. They contain 72 unique and vibrant colors of all shades of the rainbow; with no similar colors. The colorful illustrations won’t fade with time as is the case with most colored pencils. They are designed to provide strength and durability when drawing, sketching, and writing without sacrificing comfort for your hand.

The package includes the professional colored pencils, compact canvas roll up case, pencil sharpener, watercolor paint brushes, eraser and an aluminum pencil extension holder.

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Q: Do these come pre sharpened?

A: Yes they do. Nice points on all, ready to draw.

Q: Do you have to use a lot of pressure to fill in or make the shade darker? Are these OK for people with hand issues like arthritis or carpel tunnel?

A: By default watercolor pencils darken less when used dry. But if you just dab them in a moist sponge or rag, they become much softer and darker.

5. Artist’s Choice 120-Pack Colored Pencils

The colored pencils are enclosed in a flexible folding case. Each pencil has its own individual slot, making it very helpful for storage when you’re on the go. It takes up very little space, making it perfect for any desk, backpack, locker or shelf. They pencils are comfortable and gentle on your hands. There is no need of pressing too hard so as to get a deep color; only a slight pressure and you will achieve a smooth finish  that almost looks like high quality wax or oil colors. The tips are very sturdy and consistent to offer a dynamic shading. Moreover, they won’t break with a good amount of pressure as is the case with most colored pencils.The Artist’s choice colored pencils contain 120 unique and wonderful colors of the rainbow of shades including Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, White, Black, and many more. It is great for adult coloring books, writing, blending, printing, shading, layering, burnishing, hatching, stippling and highlighting. The pencils are ideal for everyone who has an interest on drawing or coloring, be it a starter, amateur or a professional.

6. Ohuhu 48-color Colored Pencils/ Drawing Pencils

The Ohuhu colored pencils is a set of 48 pencils. They are crafted with sturdy, high quality recycled wood that is environment friendly and non-toxic. The wood is easy to be sharpened. The rich lightfast pigments and the soft core allow you to write, draw and sketch your work of art at ease.

The colored pencil has a high print effect and very smooth when using them. Its diameter is 0.3mm and feels comfortable to the hands. The colors are vivid and blend well. It is therefore a wonderful pencil set for coloring Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, and Lost Ocean Coloring Book. The cylindrical package is awesome and makes the pencils a great gift idea to your beloved.

7. Shuttle Art 136 Colored Pencils, Colored Pencil Set for Adult Coloring Books

The leads are smooth and thick for a perfect shading and shadows. The cores are hardened and do not easily break even upon a given amount of pressure. They give better coverage without having to pile on the color in order to blend. The packing is a case box with trays inside to provide good space for storage and color selection. They can be a great gift for friends and children in occasions such as birthdays, holidays or appreciations.Shuttle Art colored pencils is a set or 136 different colors, including the 8 special metallic colors. They are ideal for adult coloring books but can as well be used by kids. The pencils can be used by beginners, amateurs or professionals.


Q: Are these good for just regular coloring books?

A: Yes, you can use them in all types of paper surfaces. However, the quality of the paper also matters in producing good results.

Q: Are there any skin tone colors? Tans Browns etc that look like realistic skin tones?

A: Yes, there are many colors of brown from pale to dark. There are also shades of black, yellow, peach and pinkish colors. I believe it would not be difficult to create the skin color you are looking for.

8. Crayola; Colored Pencils; Art Tools; 50 Count; Perfect for Art Projects and Adult Coloring

The pencils are made from reforested wood that make them soft and easier to be sharpened. The sharpened cores stay sharp for a longer duration and reshape easily. The lay down is smooth and perfect for color mixing, blending, layering and shading.The Crayola pencils have a set of 50 distinct colors great for adult coloring, drawing, art projects and a superb chance to children to explore the world of color. They are an ideal tool for children to use to satisfy their urge to draw smaller, intricate shapes rather than big and bold art. The assortment of vibrant colors as well as the metallic shades of silver and gold is great to professionals and older artists.


Q: Can you recommend a sharpener for these?

A: Hand held sharpeners work just fine with these as well.

Q: Is it better to decorate homecards with colored pencils or crayons?

A: Colored pencils give a more controlled line but are not as bold. They are less messy and color more solidly, although not as bright.

9. Positive Art Colored Pencils 60 Unique Colors—Perfect for adult coloring books

The pencils come with already pre-sharpened precision lead. They have a smooth and non-slip grip. A convenient casing for carrying the pencils is included in the package.The Positive Art colored pencils consist of  a set of 60 vibrant, bold and  unique colors. They are best for coloring, drawing, sketching and crafting projects.  The 3.3mm fade-resistant lead is perfect for drawing, shading, blending and sketching. You can create clean, sharp lines, pictures with highly-detailed stippling, fade colors together, or add unique touches to your scrapbooks.


Q: Are these wax or oil based?

A: They are wax based.

Q: How many browns are there?

A: About four.

10. Platinum Art Supplies Soft Core Colored Pencils with Tin Case, Pack of 72

The Platinum Art Supplies colored pencils is a set of 72 colors, with no duplicates or repeats. They have a wide array of different shades and tints including blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, white, black and charcoal. You can also get the skin tones, bright metallic pigments and even neon.

These colored pencils are perfect for drawing, sketching, artwork and adult coloring books. You can explore your creativity with these amazing colors. Artistry does not have to be your talent as you can do it for fun, as a past time or a way of dealing with stress. The pencils have beautiful white wooden barrel with color matching endings. They comfortably fit in any hands without cramping. The pack has a multilayered stackable design that holds each pencil in place.


Q: Do they blend well?

A: Absolutely

Q: Are these water color pencils?

A: You can achieve a soft, deeper effect by adding water.

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