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Deal-Dash is real and not scam as some people have perceived. All you have to do is understand its terms and how to use it then you will know that it is actually better than most auction sites.

Deal-Dash works by letting customers enter a bidding process where they pay for each bid on an item, regardless of whether they succeed or not. Each bid raises the price by $0.01 until the end of the auction, at which point the item is sold to the final bidder. The auction clock restarts from 10 seconds every time someone bids. If no new bids are placed before the clock runs out, the last bidder wins. Each bid costs up to 60¢ (currently on sale for 60¢!). This small fee makes the massive 95% off savings possible! Some other sites charge up to 75¢ per bid so you get more bids for your money on Deal Dash.

The most interesting fact about Deal-Dash is that, unlike most auction sites, if you don’t win you can still get your bids back. Losing bidders have the option of applying all the money they had spent unsuccessfully bidding on an item towards purchasing the item at a posted retail price. No matter how many unsuccessful bids you place, you can still click on the buying option and get the item for its normal price. When you do this, all the bids are returned.

Deal-Dash is like playing an interesting game. The only important thing is knowing the rules of the game, because obviously it is a competition, there is winning and losing. It requires that one bids strategically as rapid bidding will not only waste one’s bids but also inflate the auction price. Alternatively, you can resolve to use the “BidBuddy” to do it for you. The BidBuddy strategically places bids for you by waiting until the last second to bid. You can put a limit on how many bids will be used and you still can cancel it at any time.

Deal-Dash runs some promotions and free bids. When you are the Highest Bidder, you will earn time towards your next level. When you reach a new level, you receive free bids. Other promotions are done all week long and can be sales on bid packages or free auction prices to the winner. The promotions happen so quickly, and one must really pay attention and check out every day to make sure they are making the most of the auction experience. At times on the weekends, Deal-Dash offers 300-400 auctions that all start at once.

How to win with Deal-Dash

  • Study the competition to see who else is bidding on the item. As a newbie, watch and learn. Some people keep a notepad to track bidders and what type of bidding strategies they are using.
  • Be patient and only enter one or two auctions at a time. Stay within a budget and you’ll walk away a winner.
  • Stay away from auctions that pay more than the price just to see fireworks.
  • If you do not win an auction, just click on the ‘Buy It Now’ option. If you bid 100 times on a $50 product and don’t win, you can just buy the item for $50 and get all your bids back for free. You can now re-use your bids to try to win another auction!
  • Try bidding at different times of the day as auctions might be easier to win at some periods of time.
  • Try bidding on less expensive or less popular items which have minimal competitions but more chances of winning.

The customer service at Deal-Dash is wonderful. Their response is always immediate and they often keep in touch with their customers. They also make follow ups with their customers to get feedback from them and suggestions on how their services can be improved. They ensure that everyone is a winner and if not so, you can still end up recovering your lost bids. For equity, you may win the same item only once per week so that other bidders can also have a chance of winning. When you win an auction, you get a congratulatory message at the bottom of the screen and some fireworks.

Shipping of the won items is always free of charge. You pay absolutely nothing no matter how big or small the item is, or how far or extreme place you live, provided it is within the United States.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is this auction site a scam or a real thing?

A: It is real. People who see it as a scam don’t really understand how it works.

Q: Are items brand new?

A: Yes.

Q: Are the items shipped to Canada?

A: No, exclusively within the USA

Q: How do I get bids?

A: You obtain bids by purchasing bid packs. Bid packs come in various sizes, such as 200 bids. Each time you place a bid, one bid is removed from your bid balance.

Q: What is a bid pack?

A: A bid pack is what you need to buy to get started with bidding. Deal-Dash operates in a pay to play model so before you can take part in auction you need to buy bids. As soon as you have bids in your account you can start bidding.

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