The 10 Best Kids Tablets of 2018


Here are the top 10 best tablets one can purchase for their kids. These have been reviewed and proved to be awesome to children and more so kid friendly. With various products in the market, a parent may be confused on which to choose from, basing on quality, price, durability and version.

Below are the greatest kids tablets one can gift to their little one(s).

Dragon Touch Y88x Plus 7 Inch Kids Tablet 2018 Disney Edition

The tablet has a screen size of 7 inches with resolutions of 1024 by 600.

The processor is 1.3 GHz 8032.

RAM is 1 GB SDRAM DDR3 and the hard drive is 8 GB.

Wireless type is 802.11bgn, Bluetooth

The average battery life is 3.5 hours.

It is an Android 5.1 operating system.

The tablet has dimensions of 7.09 x 4.8 x 0.3 inches and weighs 1.9 pounds.

The rear camera is 2 MP.

Multiple colors available

The tablet comes with free Disney contents. There are 10 preinstalled audio-books, such as Monsters University, Big Hero and Brave, and 3 educational game apps, like Fire and Rescue, the tablet may present you a quiet kid immersed in stories and a passionate little man racking his brain to secure the way out.

Kids get endless entertainment with pre-installed kidoz playground. There are access to numerous videos clips, paintings, and educational games for unlimited exploration, play and learning. In Kidoz, every kid gets new and recommended content offered based on usage history.

There is a parental control (premium version) that allows only access to websites, videos, contents or other Android apps which mom or dad carefully chooses for them.

It has an exclusively designed silicone case with an adjustable stand which frees the labor of holding the tablets or risking accidental drops.

Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7″ Display

The tablet has a display screen size of 7 inches with 1024 x 600 resolutions at 171 pixels per inch.

It has dimensions of 8.6″ x 5.4″ x 1.0″ and weighs at 14.3 ounces.

The CPU processor is Quad-Core 1.3 GHz with 1 GB of RAM.

The storage capacity is 8 GB or 16 GB but a micro-SD card for up to 200 GB of additional storage can be added for even more movies, TV shows, photos, personal videos, and apps.

The average battery life is 7 hours of reading, surfing the web, watching video, and listening to music Battery life will vary based on device settings, usage, and other factors such as web browsing and downloading content. The tab supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security using password authentication; does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks. Bluetooth connectivity is available with support for A2DP compatible stereo headphones, speakers, microphone, and LE accessories support.

The camera specifications are VGA front-facing camera and 2 MP rear-facing HD camera.

Available colors are blue, pink and green.

The tab is good for kids above 3 years of age since smaller parts may be a choking hazard to younger ones.

Fire HD 6 Kids Edition Tablet

The tablet has a display of 6” with 252 pixels per inch and 1280×800 resolution.

It has dimensions of 7.6″ x 5.0″ x 1.1″ and weighs 12.6 ounces.

It has a Quad-Core processor 1.5 GHz, with 1 GB of RAM. The internal storage is either 8 or 16 GB.

The battery life lasts up to up to 8 hours. This depends on the settings, running apps and usage.

Additional features include WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, front and rear camera, external volume controls, speakers and microphone.

The tab comes with a two-year warranty, coverage for anything that happens to your Fire HD including electrical and mechanical breakdowns but limited to the terms and conditions. It is suitable for children above 3 years. The kid-proof casing prevents damage upon drops and mayhems caused by kids during play.

Nabi Jr. – 5″ Kids Tablet 8GB

nabi Jr. is the ultimate full-featured learning tablet built just for kids to learn, discover, and grow. This tablet has dimensions of 7 x 1.4 x 4.5 inches and weighs at 11.2 ounces.

It has a quad-core processor with internal storage of 8 GB. The operating system is android 4.4 kitkat. The tab has access to over 30 pre-loaded apps and games dedicated to first words, reading, puzzles, counting, matching and more, perfect for toddlers. With tons of fun features, your toddler can watch their favorite movies and TV shows, or even snap photos and take videos with nabi Jr.’s built-in 180 Degree rotating camera.

There is Wings N-site that gives a guardian grade –based assessments for their child’s proficiency levels and usage reports. The Wings First Steps is an ideal package for early learning as it comes with a complete kindergarten curriculum.

Tagital 7″ T7K Quad Core Android Kids Tablet, with Wifi and Camera and Games, HD Kids Edition with Kid Mode Pre-Installed

The tablet has a 1.5GHZ Quad-Core processor enhanced by the latest Memory Chip, Mail 400 GPU makes games run flawlessly, web pages loads quicker and apps runs more efficiently.

It is an android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system. The screen display is 7 inches with a 1024 X 600 Resolution. It has an internal memory of 8 GB but still supports external micro-SD extension.

The tab comes with a complete set of a charger, user manual, USB cable and the Tagital Tablet. Additional features include both WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, dual Camera Front 0.3 Megapixels and back camera for 2.0 MP.

The kid-mode is pre-installed to filter out any unfriendly content in the internet. Kids can get access to fun and educational games and videos which you choose for them. All the content in Zoodles adapts to your child’s age and skill level. The kid-proof silicone case is specially designed to prevent damage caused by drops or bumps.

Auto Beyond 7 inch Kids Tablet PC

The tablet has a display screen size of 7” and 1024 X 600 resolutions with dimensions of 7 x 0.25 x 4.75 inches. The RAM is 512 MB while the ROM is 8 GB. It has a 0.3 MP dual camera. The operating system is android 4.4 KitKat. Product package consists of a touch pen, USB adapter, user manual, USB, silicone case, OTG and the Tablet PC.

An 8GB ROM Flash allows you to download thousands of kids’ apps from Google Play Store, enjoy more songs, movies, TV shows, books and games. The tab is made of high-quality soft silicone material that is environment-friendly and harmless to health. It provides protection against bumps and drops and easy access to buttons, ports and cameras.

Parental mode has been enhanced by iWawaHome. It is oriented to security, healthy content and easy management, and behavior limit, focusing on establishing secure environment for kids, blocking hazards, making the parent be reassured about kids’ network environment.

Alldaymall 7″ Tablets For Kids

The tablet has a display screen of 7” and 1024 X 600 resolutions. It has dimensions of 4.76 x 7.17 x 0.43 inches and weighs at 0.6 lbs. The operating system is android (4.4) with a quad-core processor of 1.2 GHz. Available RAM is 1 GB while the internal memory is 8 GB. However, an external micro-SD of up to 32 GB can still be supported. The front camera is 0.2 MP as the rear one is 2 MP. The package constitutes a Tablet PC, USB cable, user manual and a charger.

The iWawa is pre-installed to protect the kids against unfriendly environment. Kids can access educational and entertaining apps and websites without any risk of coming across anything inappropriate.

Additional features include WIFI and USB connectivity, built-in microphone and speaker.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition

The Samsung Galaxy tab has a screen display of 7” with 1024 x 600 resolutions. The processor is 1.2 GHz having a 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory. The memory can further be expanded by micro-SD of up to 64 GB. Its operating system is android 4.1. It has dimensions of 1 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs at 1 pound. The tab has a battery life of 5.4 hours depending on the settings, running applications and usage.

Additional features include a 1.3MP front and a 3MP rear camera and WIFI connectivity. It is also pre-loaded with children’s applications including games, camera, paint tools and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is YouTube available in kids’ mode?

A: Any app can be available on the mode for as long as you give permission.

Q: Does it access the Google play store?

A: Yes, You create a 4 digit parental passcode to access a fully functioning android 4.1 OS. From there you can access the play store and download whatever on there. Through the parental control panel you can decide if the app is accessible through kids’ mode.

LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet

The tab has a screen size of 7” and resolution of 1024 X 600. The operating system is android 4.4. Its processor is 1.3 GHz quad-core with a 16 GB internal memory which can be expanded by a micro SD. It measures 3.5 x 10 x 7.2 inches and weighs at 1.4 pounds.

There is a front and back camera and video recorder. It comes with pre-installed 20+ apps. Additionally, features include WIFI connectivity and a shatter-safe LCD screen and protective bumper for everyday drops and bumps. It is designed for children between ages of 3-9 years.

Many LeapFrog games feature Just for Me Learning technology, which personalizes the content, such as adapting curriculum based on right or wrong answers and remembering progress across games, to challenge kids as they grow. The LeapSearch browser offers web safety for the kid as they surf the internet. Parental control is also included to guard on what the kid is limited to do with the gadget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to have wifi to play all game and apps? Or can you play and use all apps without wifi?

A: WiFi is required to download the apps, any apps purchased from the LeapFrog App Center once downloaded will not require a WiFi connection to play. However, some apps require WiFi while others don’t.

Q: Does this do a good job of locking the child in child mode? I don’t want my son to be able to get to notifications, standard android launcher, etc.

A: Yes.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra/Ultra XDI Kids’ Learning Tablet

The tab is a 7” light touch with 1024 x 600 resolutions. It has dimensions of 9.05 x 6.1 x .92 inches and weighs 3.5 ounces. It is suitable for kids between ages 4 to 9 years.

Photos can be taken by both the front and rear cameras. Add cool effects with Photo Fun Ultra, create colorful masterpieces with the enhanced Art Studio Ultra app, and listen to music with the built-in MP3 player. With new peer to peer games, your kids can safely play with friends using virtual pets or LeapFrog characters. With LeapSearch, powered by Zui, kids can explore Web content in a safe environment, and it becomes simple to take charge of their online experience with parental settings. LeapPad Ultra works with LeapFrog’s library of 800+ educator-approved apps, games, eBooks, videos, music and more.

Inclusive in the package is LeapPad Ultra XDi Learning Tablet, AC adapter, USB cable, quick start guide, parent guide and 11 bonus apps.

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