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10 Best Toys For One Year Old.

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Best toys for one year old.

Play is an important aspect in every kid’s life. Having a good companion is also essential. For kids, having a great toy is a must. The toys come in handy as they help kids develop motor skills, learn different colors, shapes, sizes and how to count, help in improving hand and eye coordination and enable kids to develop friendships and team work among themselves as they play. Kids toys are also meant to entertain them and help them have a good time for their well being and enjoyment. Also, toys help kids bond with their parents and their other siblings during their playtime. As a result, you should get or gift your kid with these toys for a fantastic play time.

Vtech baby lil’ critters musical beads.

vtech baby lil critters

The lil critters musical beads is one of the best toys for a one year old. The toy can be used by kids aged between 3 months up to two years. By pressing the light up buttons or by spinning the square, one is able to hear phrases and songs that teach about colors, shapes, numbers and letters. It also has various fabric textures for easy grasping, to enhance motor skills and to develop awareness. One can be assured that a kid will have a fun and good time with this toy.

The features of this toy include a bead ring for easy grasping. The bead ring contains light up buttons and a spinning square. These are to aid in the development of kids motor skills.

The toy is a stuffed talking and singing one with about 30 melodies, playful songs, phrases and sounds. This is to make a child cheerful and to have a fun time while playing.

The toy has a dimension of 4.3 by 8.9 by 4.3 inches. Its size makes it a good crib toy or a diaper bag toy for babies. The toy uses 1 AAA batteries which are required to be changed regularly for better functioning of the toy.

The toy is a great gift for any baby. Its size is good in that it fits perfectly in the little hand. Also, it is a colorful toy with adequate sounds and lights that are not too flashy. It is also soft enough and has been certified as baby safe with non toxic material. Get your baby one of this for a happy time.

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Ofun mini bag toddler backpack.

ofun backpack

This toy by Ofun comes in a variety of designs such as the panda pink cat, green frog, grey cat, yellow bee and blue rabbit. It measures 21.5 by 21 by 3 cm.

The backpack is waterproof and the material of the toy has been certified as baby safe.  The toy is designed in a way such that it fits a child: s stature. It has compartments to store toys, diapers and other kid stuffs. It is made using lightweight material and the shoulder part is well cushioned to ease pressure.

The backpack has the right fit for babies and is a great side kicks for travelling, hiking or going out. It is colorfully designed and very fashionable any kid.

The neoprene material of the backpack is very durable, the stitching is even and secure, and the leash on the bag is disguised as a tail such that even when not used, it forms acute part of the kitty bag.

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Stacking pegboard toy.

stacking pegboard toy

This toy gives kids many hours of play time. The deluxe peg stacking board encourages kids to develop motor skills, be creative and learn about colors and shapes. For parents, the game gives them an opportunity to bond more with their children.

The toy’s features include a high end draw string travelling bag, one foam peg board and 50 pegs of different shapes such as hearts, circles, triangles, stars and squares.

In addition to making learning fun, this toy is great when travelling with kids. It can be used to decrease boredom during long hours of travelling.

The toy is a good gift for any kid aged six months and up especially if in preschool. The foam board comes in a dimension of 13.8 by 9.1 by 3.1 inches and the pegs are well sized. During play time, kids should be supervised to avoid any accidental suffocation by the pegs.

The material of the board is very durable while the storage bag is nicely sturdy. The materials of this toy are all of excellent quality and baby safe.

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Maphissus musical instruments rattle and rock maracas musical toy suits for kids.

maphissus musical instrumental

The features of this toy include ten small and cute sounds bell with a wooden handle. The wooden handle is handmade to prevent slipping. The toys are specially designed to enhance social skills and team work in children. Their also provide the perfect opportunity for parents and siblings to bond with their kids.  In addition to this, they help enhance creativity in kids by offering them a constructive way to express themselves.

The Maphissus musical instruments are made to capture a child’s attention, memory, observation, imagination and help them to learn. They also help to develop motor skills, coordination skills and team work skills.

The material of the toy is non toxic and is very baby safe. The bells have a dimension of 7 by 2 by 4 inches and weigh 2.9 ounces , while the number of keyboard keys is 10, are medium sized and the drum set is of two pieces with a diameter of 7 inches. The diameter of the speaker is 7 inches.

Generally, the toy is well made with a great jingle sound. Parents should be careful as the small parts could present a choking hazard.

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MOKOQ Rotating star sky projection night lights toys table lamps.

MOKOQ rotating star sky projection.

The rotating star sky projection night light toys have a timer which can be shut off and they are color changing. Wonderful, isn’t it?

The toy comes in black, blue or white colors. Its features include a higher power beads that are bright and beautiful, color changing system, a timer shut off, a star and moon projection and it is powered by 4 AAA batteries.

The toy package consists of a star LED projector night light, a 59.1 inch USB cable and adapter and a star sky moon cover. The material of the toy is mainly plastic, while the color change system has purple, pink and blue colors. The toy works at a voltage of 5V and is the light source is 4 LED lamps.

The toy has three constellation of night light; the first is by setting the countdown button the timer shut off starts. When you press the countdown button, you increase the timer shut off by five minutes. The color change is achieved by switching on the light color that is the colorful light overlay or the monochrome light. Lastly, the night warm light and the rotary control button.

This toy is a perfect gift for any kid during their birthday, the Christmas festival, the New Year’s party or simply as a gift for no special occasion. Be assured that any kid will love this amazing toy. It can also be used as décor in the home bedside table or office desk.

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Sunfei aqua doodle children’s drawing toys mat.

sunfei doodle drawing mat.

The Sunfei toy package includes one piece of magic doodle mat which measure 80 by 60 cm and 2 pieces of the water doodle pen. Its features include a great design and a pen that is filled with water. By drawing on the white area of the doodle, using the pen, one can see their drawing. After a few minutes, the drawing just disappears! The mat has foggy letters and Arabic numbers which act as a guide on how children can draw them.

The doodle children’s drawing mat is a great gift for any kid who enjoys exploring and it improves one’s creativity.

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Bath toy fishing game with cute spotted fish and fishing rods.

bath toy fishing game

This toy comes with three tiny cute rubber fish and one fishing rod. The fish float in the swimming pool or bathtub and kids can catch the fish with their hands or while using the fishing rod.

The toy fish are made using plastic and rubber and it is a good kid’s toy as kids learn how to grasp items and how to balance themselves. While playing, ensure that kids are always supervised in the water.

This toy is a great gift for any kid as it comes in many different colors. It can be used at home for kids play or as a display in the office or home walls.

After kids are done playing with the fish, it is recommended to ensure that no water is left in the toys.

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Vtech drop and go dump truck.

vtech drop and dump truck

Put a rock at the top of this track and see it drop into the bucket.  When in the bucket, pull the track along and feel the rocks rumble inside. Lift the hinged bucket to remove the rocks and start reloading the track again. Fun isn’t it?

This toy has three colorful buttons that when pressed, they play nice melodies and phrases.  To operate, the toy needs two 2 AAA batteries.

This toy is great for any toddler aged between six months and three years. It helps a kid to develop good motor skills, to learn how to count as they drop the rocks into the track and to learn and differentiate different colors.

The track and rocks are nicely and colorfully made. One may opt to attach a string to the track and tag it along as they play. Its size is also child friendly hence a good toy for kids to have.

Question: what is the size of the track and rocks?

Answer: the track is 7.5 by 10 by 5.5 inches while the rocks have a diameter of 1.75 inches.

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Nuby octopus hoopla bath time fun toy.

nuby bath time fun toy

The Nuby toy is specially made using high material that is baby safe. The toy is designed as a bath time toy. It was created to make bath time fun and enjoyable.

The toy consists of one octopus that easily floats and three rings for tossing on the octopus’ tentacles. The toy can be used by both girls and boys and it is made out of plastic that is non toxic and baby safe.

This is an amazing bath time toy as it stimulates a kid’s sense and helps to improve hand and eye coordination. The toy is brightly colored with great shapes that easily fit a kid’s hands.

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Leap frog musical rainbow tea set.

leapfrog rainbow musical set

The musical rainbow tea party is a lovable light up teapot that has a bubbly appearance. The features of the toy include two tea cups, a teapot, six cake pieces that are very colorful and a cake plate. When the tea pot tips, the color moves and gurgles, then the lid opens to reveal a mirror for fun sounds and peek-a-boo play.

The musical rainbow tea party toy has over five kids’ songs, sounds and phrases the toy is good for kids aged between one and three years. This toy has no probable choking hazards. Kids will love the pouring sounds made when one pours tea into their cups.

The toy is incredible as it teaches kids to appreciate role play and team work. Also, they learn more about counting, colors, matching and how to be well behaved.

Question: does the pot have a switch?

Answer: yes, it has an off switch.

Question: what batteries are needed for the toy?

Answer: three AAA batteries.

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