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Every woman wants that hour glass shape, the Kim Kardashian’s small waist, but few would wish to pass through the pain of working out all year long. After all, we all expect a miraculous ‘drastic’ change on the body after some 10 minutes of working out then reporting to the mirror to see if anything has changed.

Waist trainers have become the new work outs of reducing tummy, masking the ugly love handles and bringing out that adorable feminine shape. They function to reduce the circumference of the waist by pulling in the floating ribs and at the same time minimizing the space in the abdomen. They may not help reduce weight but at least they can prevent one from eating too much as that will cause discomfort to the stomach. Waist trainers may be worn as a fashion statement or to support the back and improve body posture. Though the effect caused may be semi-permanent, it is advisable to continue wearing the training corsets so as to maintain the shape.

Camellias Women’s Waist Trainer Belt – Body Shaper Belt For An Hourglass Shaper

Camellias Women’s waist trainers

Camellias waist trainer is perfect for your workouts or weight loss. It not only offers back support but also shapes one waist into a beautiful form. They are available in assorted colors of black, blue, orange, lemon-green, purple, rose or camouflage. There are all sizes for all ranging from small, large and extra large (XXL).

The waist trainer is made of a good super quality fabric which is easily adjustable, comfortable and stretchy. The mesh fabric in the back allows for stress-free breathing during workouts while the  four acrylic bones provide unparalleled support in a waist cincher with the versatility required by your most vigorous workout. The fabric is 100% latex free. It is therefore easier to clean, body-fitting and pose no allergic reactions to the skin. Sizing can be achieved by the double adjustment option on the trainer.

Camellias waist trainer is a good choice of losing weight. It burns fat twice faster than most workouts. The belt targets the midsection with abdominal compression to increase heat and burn targeted fat. It is also great for tummy tuck, back support and enhancing a good posture. It binds around the waist to offer lumbar support, relieve pain, stabilize the spine and improve on posture. The belt provides therapeutic support by preventing Herniated Disc, Lumber Muscle Strain and Back Pain.

Camellias waist trainer reduces and Shapes your waistline and flattens abdomen. Generally, it reduces your waist 4-8 inches. It is suitable for sports, cycling and weight lifting.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know which size to pick?

A: Go with your regular size. For example, if your waist is 32, you probably should pick on the medium size.

YIANNA Women’s Latex Sport Girdle Waist Training Corset Waist Body Shaper

Yianna Women’s Latex Waist Trainer

Yianna waist trainers are available in various colors and sizes. You can get the smaller ones, medium sized, large, XXL and more larger ones depending on your body size. The belt is made of latex. They consist of spiral steel boned for waist cincher support and keeping you in best posture. The steel boned is flexible and durable; though it bends easily, it will eventually recover quickly to the initial state. They are suitable for Yoga, postpartum and some workouts.

The Yianna waist trainer is made up of 3 fabric layers. The inner layer is constructed with soft and cozy cotton and spandex, the mid layer is made up of natural latex while the outer layer is of durable nylon, lycra and spandex. Adjusting has been made easy by the 3 columns hook-and-eye closure design for a perfect fitting and breathing. The belt has a high compression and will be able to reduce up to 3 to 5 inches in waist size by consistent wearing.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Does this waist trainer make your waist smaller permanently?

A: Waist trainers give a semi-permanent effect on the waist size. It is better to use it more often so as to maintain the desired waist form.

SAIFUT Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Sport Workout Body Shaper Tummy Fat Burner

Sayfut Waist Trainer for weightloss

The Sayfut waist trainer offers the best choice of shaping your tummy, defining your waistline and maximizing your curves to achieve an hourglass figure. It is made of polyamide material. They are available in all sizes ranging from small, medium, large to all extra large sizes. The belt is perfect for weight loss training, aerobic exercise, workout band and postpartum support girdles.

The waist trainer will not only flatten your abdomen but also give you a trim line from hip to chest at the same time. It is soft, breathable and comfortable to wear considering that it is made of stretchy mesh fabric. The size is adjustable by the 3 hook-and-eye closures which allow you to size the garment down with you. Flexible boning anchors the cincher and prevents migration.  The 4 pcs built-in steel bones are rigid and keep you in best posture. It’s flexible and durable, as soft as plastic bones, can bend easily but recover quickly to origin. The trainer is completely undetectable even when worn under thin knits and form fitting dresses.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you tell you are wearing this item with a tight dress on?

A: No, you can feel it but it is completely undetectable.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer with Sample of Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer gel

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer for Workouts

The Sweet sweat waist trimmer is ideal for exercises and workouts. It is made of latex free neoprene for superior heat insulation. The belt can be worn by both sexes. Since it is made of neoprene, it should only be worn for a shorter duration of time.

The Sweet sweat trimmer is not a corset but still functions to increase the core temperature during exercise thus improving thermogenic sweating and activity. It includes a free sample of the Sweet sweat gel that can be used along with the trimmer to enhance your exercise. It is contoured to fit around your waist comfortably and is naturally flexible, so it adjusts to your shape & size allowing for extra back support. It is majorly fitting for people having a waist size below 38″, though there is a large size fitting waist up to 44 inches. The trimmer’s grid inner lining will not only repel moisture absorption but also minimize slipping and bunching during your workout.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Will this control the stomach jiggle and stay put during ALL exercises, jumping, running, kickboxing, etc? Can you see the sweat during exercise?

A: It does. It actually keeps the stomach and ‘excess skin’ in position.

Q: Does this product make your waist smaller, now that it is not a corset?

A: It does. It almost works as a corset when you’re working out, the excess water you sweat out cinches your waist.

Waist Trainer on Amazon by Hourglass Fashion – Corset Waist Cincher

Hourglass fashion waist trainer

This Hourglass waist trainer helps you attain that sexy curve and an hourglass shape. It can be worn at the gym when working out or just casually as a daily waist trainer. The belt provides maximum support and comfort all while giving the sexy curves and perfect waistline. During workouts, it helps increase blood flow to the torso, hence promoting a bat burning environment. More so, it gives back and midsection support, and enhances a good posture.

The Hourglass waist trainer is made of strong and durable material. The outer layer is from soft rubber latex while the inner later is of 100% premium quality cotton give them a lovely snug feel on your skin. The clinchers use 9 steel wire bones encompassed in the strong latex to ensure the belt does not lose its shape or be subjected to any amount of stress. With 3 hook-and-eye closures, you can be able to adjust to a suitable size as you make progress with your training and ensure you maintain a snug fit at all times.

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LEYIKU Women’s Latex Underbust Waist Trainer Corset Waist Shaper with 9 Steel Boned

Women’s Latex Underbust waist Trainer

The Leyiku waist trainer is available in various colors and sizes you can choose from. Sizes vary from small, medium, large and extra larger ones. It is always advisable that one chooses a size above them.

The waist trainer features 3 hook-and-eye closure that offer an adjustable size for you to comfortably fit. The 9 steel boned design ensure the quality and durability of the trainer, that it may neither lose shape nor be subjected into an abnormal amount of stress. It can easily bend but recovers quick enough to the initial origin. Its mesh design ensures that the belt is breathable while the cotton lining make it absorb sweat. It is ideal for yoga, postpartum and workouts. The waist trainer boosts thermal activity and gently lifts underbust. The soft and cozy fabric is gentle to the skin and cause no irritations or allergies.

This waist trainer characterizes a high compression that will help reduce your waist size up to 3 inches upon continuous wearing. It increases body heat, which facilitates weight loss and torso trimming during exercise, while the light-weight material prevents heat stroke.

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DODOING Womens Workout Latex Waist Trainer Training Corset Zipper Body Shaper

Dodoing Women’s workout waist trainer

The Dodoing waist trainer is made of a high quality fabric. The inner layer consist of soft and cozy cotton with a little spandex, the middle layer is 100% natural latex while the outer layer is nylon, a little Lycra and spandex.

The waist trainer features 3 hook-and-eye closures, covered boning and 9 piece steel bones. The 3 hooks allow adjustment of the cincher into a fitting and comfortable size. The covered boning in front and at the back are for added support and smooth waistline. Dodoing waist trainers have steel bones offered in three options according to one’s choice. The corset with no zipper has a 9 piece steel bones while those with zippers come with 7 piece or 4 piece steel bones. The steel bones ensure you are in the best posture; they are flexible and durable, as soft as plastic bones, can bend easily but recover quickly to origin.

This corset is ideal for postpartum, all day wear of shaping the waist and for workouts. It works by creating compression in the core, stimulating thermal activity and ramping up perspiration.This process allows toxins and impurities to exit the skin, while mobilizing fat cells.

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Colombian Latex Waist Cincher Waist Trainer Trimmer Long Torso with 3 Hook Rows

Colombian Latex Waist Training Cincher

The Colombian latex waist trainer is the ultimate choice of getting rid of those love handles and baby fats to achieve an admirable curvy shape. It characterizes a high compression that reduces the waist up to 5 inches through compression and perspiration.

The cincher features 2 hook-and-eye closures down the center of the abdomen that allow adjustments to a fitting and comfortable size. It rises just below the breast so you can still wear your favorite bra with the trainer on. It not only reduces the waist size but also supports the back, spine and reduces back pain. The flexible boning provides the structure that allows the latex cincher to help you correct your posture.

Colombian waist trainer works by increasing the temperature around the abdominal area causing one to sweat and reshape and reduce fat deposits. The inner layer has been designed to absorb the sweat so that one will not feel uncomfortable.

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 Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I work out in this waist trainer?

A: Yes, you may. However, the trainer gets too hot and makes one sweat a lot. It is best for daily shaping.

Q: Would the latex touch my skin or do i wear a tank top underneath?

A: The waist trainer is cotton lined so your skin is not in direct contact with the latex. However you can wear tank top underneath to catch the sweat. Cotton tank tops work the best.

Ann Chery Women’s Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher with 3 Hooks

Anne Cherry Women’s Waist trainer

The Ann Cherry waist trainer is ideal for all the times you are going to be active; be it working out, exercising, jogging, or any other energy consuming activities.

The trainer works by creating compression within the mid-section, stimulates thermal conductivity and increases perspiration. The process in turn allows exit of toxins from the skin and at the same time burn fats. The band is constructed from a latex core with a soft cotton exterior and interior lining. It sits at your waist, extending to the upper abdominal. The waist trainer has 3 rows of  hook-and-eye closures that allow easier adjustments to fit you comfortably.

The Ann Cherry cincher is ideal for exercising. It has a covered boning in front and the back for added support, smooth waistline, and ultra-high compression. The inner layer is made of soft cotton fabric while the outer layer is pure latex.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What’s the difference between the one with three hooks and the one with two?

A: The one with 3 hooks has a longer torso and measures approximately 12.5 inches longer while that of 2 hooks is approximately 10.5 inches in length.

SHAPERQUEEN 1020 Women Best Waist Cincher Girdle Belly Trainer Corset Body Shapewear

Shaperqueen Waist Trainer

This premium Waist Cincher Control Girdle Panty helps to give you the hourglass figure you want by targeting your tummy and defining your waist for a smoother looking, curvier silhouette. Unlike most cinchers, it not only shapes the waist but also the whole mid-section, back and buttock area. It provides midsection and back support hence improving posture.

The waist trainer features 3 hook-and-eye closures and a boning system. The hook and eye columns allow easier adjustments of the belt to perfect fitting size. The boning system keeps the trainer in place and prevents it from rolling down. It is therefore ideal for all day waist trimming, working out and for postpartum. The belt is made of polyester and spandex.

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